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Is it wrong of me to want to disappear for a couple of days?

Not from my family but from the world. I’m so sick of putting on a fake smile and pretending like everything is ok. I don’t want to talk about bullshit. I just want someone I can open up with and speak to without feeling like I’m a burden for telling them my problems. I feel so alone. Just lost in the world of dispair in a sea of loneliness while there are people all around me in boats with a life preserver not willing to throw it in. I can’t be the positive one anymore. I can’t be the one they tell their problems to anymore. I’m just sinking with everything and they are throwing water on me. I’m ready to just sink and let the world around me go.


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I think that you need to see your GP. You sound like you have depression. A counsellor or psychologist will really help, you can unload as much you like with no judgement.

Go and look after yourself for a few days. Then come home and see a psychologist. You deserve to live your best life and if that means learning to say no to other people more, looking after yourself then do it!

I was like this. I packed my kids in the car and drove to the tiny town I used to live in for a few years in primary school. Stayed in a cheap hotel for 4 nights had a pool. Took a DVD player and a pile of dvds. Uno, board games. Loads of colouring in stuff ( for me too)
Sausage sizzles on the hotel bbq, pub meals and fish and chips. Scooted the parks and went for evening walks around town.
Brought a $2 SIM card gave the number to my mum and told her to text if there’s a problem and that I would snap the sim if she gave my number to anyone. phone was off all day. Sent her a message each morning and night so she knew we were okay.

 Sounds perfect x
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Do you have hobbies or some self indulgence to look forward to ?
I started with getting my nails done, then lasered off my hair on my body, facials, and have moved on to false eyelashes, my latest is a body scrub I put on in the bathtub. You need your me time. Also splurge from time to time on new clothes or earrings.

Some people on here will criticize me but it’s better than seeing a psychologist or taking antidepressants. The world can be a cruel place but it’s all in your mind, have a positive mindset.

No, I want to take my children and disappear all the time.

 I feel the same.
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You also should seriously look into going away with your family. Find time to disconnect from the world to reconnect with each other and also look into some help.

Unload here? I do it all the time. My cyber ears are open and ready for your misery baby. Hit me with it.