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Cleaning hacks.... k go!!!


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Waaaaaah!!! Im sick of cleaning! F**k this adulting bullshit

Just do it .
No hacks and shortcuts. Do it regularly, get into a routine and it won't be such a big task.

Sticking to a cleaning schedule has been my life saver. I also break it up room by room (ceiling to floor clean, incl dusting and bed change) - bathrooms/toilet monday, one child's bedroom Tuesday, other child's room Wednesday, our room Thursday, loungeroom Thursday as well, deep clean kitchen Friday.
Our entire house is tiled excl. bedrooms so I mop the entire house in one go on Tuesday as well.

I have a cleaning trolley (i think it's a bathroom trolley from kmart) which has everything I need for all jobs - wet microfibre/dry microfibres/polishing microfibres, sprays, toilet cleaner, chux wipes, duster, bag for any rubbish and a box to put anything that belongs in another room.
I take my trolley in to the room along with the vacuum and that saves me so much time running backwards and forwards grabbing things.
I also keep everyone's linen on the shelf in their wardrobe for this reason as well.
Then I work my way from top to bottom - dust cornice, spot clean walls/door handles/light switches, clean window, dust window sill, wipe down shelves/drawers/tables etc, change linen/towels, dust skirtings and vacuum.

Every room has a laundry hamper (including the loungeroom - decorative basket with lid so it's hidden) so I empty the hamper for that room on the day too.

because I do each room weekly it helps me keep on top of it so it usually takes me under an hour to do each area (excluding kitchen).

Microfibre cloths for cleaning windows/mirrors. Have a container of water with a little dish liquid, have one microfibre which you wet and wash windows with, then wipe over with a second, dry microfibre to dry off and stop/remove any streaks. I also wash the inside of windows of each room on the day I do that room, so when it comes time to clean windows you only need to go around all the windows outside.

I give myself a break on the weekends. Otherwise I feel as though my life is just cleaning day in, day out. No one is expected to clean on Saturday or Sunday - that's family/relaxing time!

 Love this
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Pineapple juice cleans cooked on food on pans teflon or not really well. Just pour pineapple juice in, let boil, get your plastic egg flipper or whatever and scrape all over. Cooked on shit be gone! Then wash normally. So easy. I discovered once while cooking pineapple after egg that burnt once.

 I do this but with water, not pineapple juice.
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Yeah, there is t really a hack to cleaning. I do find though if I stick to my routine, break up the cleaning over a few days (one day I dust, the next I do bathrooms and floors for example) rather than spend a whole day cleaning..... and keep on top of things like laundry it doesn't overwhelm me.

Stinky sinks and slow drains. Drop 1 part bicarb into 4 parts vinegar and immediately pour down the drain. Wait 15 mins, flush with boiling water. I do this once a week in my daughters' bathroom shower and kitchen sink. The rest of the drains monthly.

I've posted this before, but I'll go again. I sweep everything to one spot (kids toys, dirty clothes, shoes, etc) in the room before I go through and pick out what stays. The rest then gets dustpanned up and in the bin so I can vacuum. I'm lazy. I don't want to be bending and picking up shit all day.

 I think I read one of your previous posts when you said this and decided to try it. This is now my thing lol. I'm also 34 weeks pregnant so it helps soooo much right now. 😂
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 Lol glad to help. See you have a very good reason not to bend down all the time. When I'm feeling super lazy I bring a small bin and a washing basket with me and just sit in front of the pile and sort it. Washing baskets are the best thing for cleaning.
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 I do exactly this too and with bin or washing basket and have done for years! I find its quicker too because its less bending and then I put all the piles away after.
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Kick the kids and the husband out for a week- go from to room with a black garbage bag- 1 per room should do it. Fill each garbage bag to brim. Joking. My fantasy though. F*@k this sh*t. I hate housekeeping. Too much crap and not enough time to get rid of all of it.

I don't really know any hacks. But for me, a cleaning routine/schedule is essential. I have set days for set things then I have a list of 6 jobs to do each day. Staying on top of cleaning makes it seems like less of a hassle and doesn't take up as much time. I hate the idea of having a set day put aside for cleaning each week.