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TTC - ovulation and timing

Intercourse in the day of ovulation, or the day before? What is best? Thanks


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Honestly i would do the whole week that way there is no way possible that you miss the right day. From 3-4 days before and 2 days after, that way if you ovulate early or late randomly your still covered.

 doesnt work like that
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 How doesnt it work like that? Having sex everyday boosts your chance of conceiving. They call it your fertile peroid for a reason. Ovulation day, but fertile peroid last 3-4 days before ovulation day and a day or 2 after.
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 It's not recommended as it lowers sperm count.
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 Not recommended by who?
The 2 fertility specialist i went to told me that

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 Recommended by fertility specialists. Maybe yours were not very good ones.
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 Agree- every second day. Not everyday. Although you could try the day before, the day and then the day after. One of those swimmers might make it 😄
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While on fertility treatment we were told to do the day before, day of and day later. So the theory goes, female sperm last longer so if you want a girl go the day before if you want a boy go the day of because they are the faster swimmers. But don't know how much of that is true.

When is ovulation?? I don't mean to be simple but they say the only time to fall pregnant is when ovulating but I can't really find an answer as to when I'm the cycle this is!

 Approx day 14 of your cycle. The time when you get sticky egg white discharge. Might feel pain in an ovary.
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Thanks, looks like day beforehand is the way to go - that should be Christmas Day!