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Would you hire a nanny that made comments about your husband being attractive? Or is this a recipe for disaster?


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No, I wouldn't hire anyone for any job if one of their first comments was about someone's good looks

unprofessional. being a visitor in your home and looking after your kids / slotting into your family, a professional person would be conscious of a mother / wife's feelings about 'letting someone in' and would NOT say those things. Someone who does, sounds like a slapper that doesn't give much thought to others. Dodge her.

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Do not hire her she has already shown you she is unprofessional AND doesn't know boundaries AND interested in your husband

I would only hire plump grandma aged nannies.

 Haha, same. But I feel kinda bad for thinking this way
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 Me too 😂 I've seen way too many midday movies to hire an attractive nanny.
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I would not hire this woman. Which part of the job requires her to comment on your man's looks. I watched nightmare nannies. Omg 😱

No she sounds a bit tarty to be saying that to you

 OP here, yes I thought it was strange to be honest. Literally the first time we met she made a comment about him and then I saw her side eyeing him and smiling at him, but I wasn’t sure if I was being silly or not. Thanks for offering your opinion, I think I agree with you!
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