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Tv every night

I’m so sick of it, but with three kids and financial stress/no family this is what my life has become. Our kids have it pretty good with our attention and efforts, , but every night my husband puts the tv on, simultaneously works on his computer and every other night eats ice creams. He’s not fat at all, which is also misleading..but he isn’t exactly healthy looking. I hate that after getting my youngest to bed I come out and the tv is blaring and this is the situation of my evening. There are no other comfortable rooms,,right now I’m on the floor in my room where the youngest sleeps. This sucks as I just want to unwind with atleast a nice show I enjoy, not some random intense rubbish. Throw me you advice please, what do you do? What should I do? I feel we are doing so many things wrong. Thank you x


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I hate tv. People are always shocked when I say I don’t watch it. I hate the noise level that my family put it on, I hate the shows they pick, I hate stupid ads. Occasionally I might watch a documentary on Netflix when I’m home alone but if the tv is on in the evening I’ll go to another room in the house and read or do puzzles or play on my iPad. When the kids are in bed my husband will put random crap on while he’s working on his computer. He says he’s watching the tv but he isn’t. I get why you’re so annoyed.

Is the issue with what he is watching? Tell him you'd like to pick tonight. If he's on the computer it's only fair. You could go & read in your bed? That's relaxing.