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I know it's not great. No judgements please.

How many smokers out there.

What brand and strength do you smoke
How many a day
Plans to quit

I'm Looking for an alternative to Marlboro Reds that don't taste cheap? Any suggestion of brand?

(Other than quitting)


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Answers (3)

I used to smoke "double happiness" hahaha I'm fairly certain they were ported from Thailand or something. $14.50 for a pack of 20s. Which would last me 2 days. But!!!!, I quit!! I am currently 4 months and 11 days smoke free. Was very hard. It's still hard some days. But man it's good to be free. Good luck OP xxx

Wow Marlboro reds. They're pretty strong aren't they? It's been awhile since i smoked. They're pretty expensive too aren't they comparatively? I moved down slowly. I ended on Peter Jackson 12s I think i can't remember the colour. I tried to go to 10s but it never lasted long back up to 12s again. The thing that fixed me was pregnancy but I was mostly a social smoker. I tried a cigarette after pregnancy & I actually hated it, which was weird because I wanted to enjoy it but nope. Hated that i could smell it on myself all night too. It was too late I turned myself into a non smoker. I don't care if other people smoke though that's their business. Not sure if that information helped at all lol.