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When should you put your daughter on birth control?

by SAHM Staff Report

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I was about two weeks off 17 when I lost my virginity, we were both virgins. We had been together for about a year when I spoke to Mum and told her that we wanted to have sex, my Mum rang his Mum and then they both spoke to us. The decision was made that since we were both virgins the pill was probably a great way of preventing pregnancy since STD's weren't something we had to worry about.
My Mum was very open with me and I was the same with her.
We didn't last, we broke up about two years later but I am very lucky; I have never regretted losing my virginity and I truly believe I loved him and him me.

If my daughter waits till at least 16 and she is a relationship more than six months I only hope she knows she can come to me and talk about it.

My mum took me to the doctors as soon as I got my first serious boyfriend when I was 15. She told me she would rather know I was being safe than not knowing what was going on. From that moment I had a very open relationship with my mum and up until I was 20 I never had sex without a condom. To this day I don't believe in "accidents" when it comes to teen pregancy. If you both aren't doing some sort of birth control your asking for trouble. Boys and girls need to realise that safe sex goes both ways and if both parties aren't practicing safe sex then they shouldn't be having sex.

Unless there are hormonal reasons (which of course exist, and did so for me as a teen ), there is no reason for your juvenile children to be put on birth control. I can't believe how many ppl do this. This encourages dis use of condoms. Please please promote only using condoms. They protect against so much more than pregnancy. The amount of std's on the rise in adolescents, yes even the scary ones, is phenomenal. Pair their under developed brains with their in ability to perceive risk then tell them ih take this u won't get pregnant. Their risk taking behavior increases because tp them, pregnancy is the worst thing that could come from sex. Because everyone knows someone or a friend of a friend who got herself pregnant. There is less discussion and more stigma surrounding std's and especially hiv. So they think oh it will never happen to me. It can and it does. Use a condom every time. Don't provide alternatives for children who cannot properly assess the risk of casual sexual relationships, and who trust too easily. Protect your children and have the conversation

 How about condoms and the pill? That way both parties are responsible.
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 Absolutely. I think the point this op was making is that kids are less likely to use condoms if the girl is on the pill. They think its 'safe'
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Sahm i hope when you do your article based on these anecdotal opinions you also do some research and provide std statistics and encourage barrier protection use for all people in in casual relationships. Also adding in a few phone numbers for where people can get help would be good. This is a serious topic and people will take your impending article seriously. Do a thorough job.

SAHM Staff We have done the article already - here tis!
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My daughter is 13 and has recently been put on the pill because of irregular periods over the past year. Period was coming every 2-3 weeks and lasting 10 days with such a heavy flow she was needing to change pads every hour.
I'm not concerned about her becoming sexually active at all

 Poor girl. Hope the pill helps
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Never, she is a person who should make such decisions for herself, not one of your possessions. Bet this answer gets deleted though.

My daughters were both put on the pill at 15. 1 was sexually active and other was put on it for her acne.
My opinion is if your daughter is in a relationship ( sexually active or not) it's something that should be considered.

As a nurse I plan to be as honest and open with my children (girl and boy) about their bodies, sex, STD's and pregnancy as much as possible in regards to what is age appropriate. In doing so, I hope that when the time comes that my daughter wants to become sexually active, she will feel like she can come to me and I can help her sort out birth control. I remember being 19 and asking my mother to make me a doctor's appointment to get on the pill, she was hesitant at first... until I asked her whether she wanted to become a grandmother at 38... She then made me an appointment straight away lol. never talked to me about the pill or anything.

I have a son (older) and a daughter. I bought my son a few boxes of condoms when he started dating his first serious girlfriend. My daughter has the rod inserted and got a few boxes of condoms as well. Condoms are for STI and the rod is to prevent pregnancy.

I have boys. Should I worry about their birth control or do I just leave it up to the girls?

 I would worry about them. Children are expensive. They should know to use condoms always (even if the girl says she's on birth control)
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 Condoms are needed for your boys. What's $5 on a pack of condoms compared to all the costs for medications for AIDS?
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 Yes yes yes. I have a bunch of girls 17 plus... and OMG the amount of boys who just leave it up to the girls astounds me.... i get so pissed off. Not only do I pay for the hormonal birth control for the girls I have to pay for the condoms as well???? Add tampons to that and I am going broke. Mothers of boys... SUPPLY THE CONDOMS FOR GODS SAKE.
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 ^ you have to teach your child to take responsibility for their own sexual health. Get them for your daughters and your sons.
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 Do you want them to be dads? DNA testing is good these days.
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I went onto it at 15, after suffering through 3 years of heavy periods and major pains. After going back to the docs a few times he suggested the pill to regulate and control and hey presto I was great after that!

But after getting married and jumping straight onto the baby band wagon it took us 2.5 yrs to get pregnant with no protection whatsoever. Bleh.

Im really torn on this. I wouldnt want to before 16 as i wouldnt want her to be having sex before then so id hope she wouldnt need it, but i also know that girls and boys are getting younger and younger when it comes to sex, amongst other things. A few years ago i was a mentor for young girls aged 11-14 rhroigh a church, i had so many asking me sex questions and how to get the pill, i had one who was already pregnant when i started working with them. because of this id probably want to put my daughter on the pill and comdoms once she hit puberty and was a teenager 😭.

I went on the pill at 16yrs old, I wanted to lose my virginity and I also had really regular periods(way too regular) and that was getting in my way! So I asked mum and complained about having a period every 2 weeks and everything went as planned. mum didn't know about the virginity fact though ;).

Have been on it for 5 years now.