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Stress has aged my face

After my separation and a lot if stress my face has aged 10 years in a year. It's really affecting my self confidence. I'm also in a job where I work with the public every day and on those days I get quite anxious.
I keep telling myself that it shouldn't matter and I'm working on my confidence.
But I was wondering if anyone has any nice, constructive advice? Any beauty products or treatments?

I have quite bad smokers lip lines although I've never smoked, I have forehead lines, bags under my eyes.

Thank-you for any nice advice. I will be ignoring any nasty comments.


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Do you wear make up to work or a natural face? If you're going with a natural face, massage some moisturiser into your face before leaving the house. Like really rub it in there, not just smear it on the top layer of skin and let it sink in. You want to press down and stimulate the blood vessels in your face while moisturising. Do this of a night before bed too. I find that by rubbing a little vaseline into my lips before bed, and before I leave the house (again pressing down not just smearing) I get a fuller sexier pout.
If you're going with light make up, work it upwards on your face. That way if you have cracks and crevices you get it in there too so you don't create more shadows and lines of unmade up skin. Also, I use a white eyeshadow pencil to lighten the space between the corner of my eyes and my nose it makes me look more awake lol. I use it as an eyeliner as well.
Finally, smile. Just smile the absolute shit out of yourself lol. No one will notice your aging if your always smiling. They'll be too distracted by how happy you are and how it shines out your eyes.

Thank you all! I am so grateful you've taken the time to give me your advice, much appreciated.

I just want to send you hugs xxx i have the same after a stressful break up. What annoys me more is that i partied my 20s and half my 30s. Drank loads, snorted more than my share of coke and smoked and stayed flawless... maybe not healthly lol 12 months of crap from the ex and i look 10-15years older. I only have to look back through fb photos for my proof. Maybe as i age my body deals with things less. Plastic surgery for my 40th!

Regular microdermabrasion treatments and moisturising cream twice a day! You can get home microdermabrasion kits, I.e: from Mary Kay which work great and are more cost effective then going to a salon, it'll help with fine lines and pores.
Look after your skin and the rest will follow.
Keep hydrated and plenty of rest! Avoid heavy makeup and opt for some light fresh mineral powder and mascara. Always use light eyeshadows and liners, stay awake from dark as it can make your face look drawn and make those pesky bags look worse.

Eat more fruit and drink water. Maybe even change your hair color .

I've found drinking lots of water has helped with bags under the eyes.

 Oh and a healthy diet will do wanders!
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 Agree with water, herbal tea is good too, chamomile or peppermint
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Peels, micro, needling and lots of good products. Take supplements (look up the beauty chef, proplenish, silica etc) it's all about your diet and lots of water etc. a lot of beauty salons will recommend a combination of treatments if you have a major skin concern they might even recommend some Botox etc if you are open to it

There are facial exercises you can do to help keep your face "in shape" just like the body! Also try and stitch to natural cream etc as your face/skin can become dependent on the creams, go for rose hip oil or coconut oil. After massaging rose hip oil into my face I notice a difference, it smells but is so good for skin

Lather up in moisturiser, twice a day. I've used just sorbolene creme For as long as I can remember and even after years of partying and smoking in my 20s and newborns and lack of sleep in my 30s, my skin still looks youthful. Everything else is questionable.. But all fixable. Also drink lots of water, as in 3L a day. Hydration really is the key to looking youthful.

I got a facial with a peel. Then I got some products designed for adult skin. I love aveeno and clinique. It hasn't completely reversed time, but I see some damage looking better and don't see any new problems.