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Husband lying for a year (working) but not really working right to be mad?

Husband and father of three has been lying for over a year saying that he is working evenings. Recently found out he was playing social football on these "work evenings" leaving me to deal with the stress of three kids. He gyms 2 hours per day everyday, plays rugby one night a week following a long drinking session until 2-3am and now I have found out he's lying about that. I am fuming. I think 14hours of gym plus one night of rugby followed by a night out is more than enough me-time! I get two hours on a Sunday that's it and quite often I am working then. Am I right to be really upset?


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I'd be furious. Everything about this man is a lie. Is anything he says or does the truth??
He's an asshole Hun. Kick his sorry a*s to the kerb. You deserve a man who loves and cherishes you xx

Where’s the extra money?
Are you stupid you didn’t know he was drunk when he came home ?

 He's playing football, not drinking,?
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 Lots of people are working late or over time and not being paid for it.
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 To the stupid comment. My husband was an alcoholic and I didn't realise until like 6 months in. His work hours meant he was starting work in the arvo and finishing late at night, often home when I was asleep, and I guess I was so used to the alcohol smell I just thought it was his cologne. Until I found like 65280 vodka bottles hidden around the house.
I think some people are just trusting that their partners aren't lying sneaky bastards, and the lying cu**s use that to their own advantage

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I can’t see what the fuss is all about. He is working just not the nights where he plays sport? He is entitled to a life. If you feel cheated book a babysitter and go out yourself or book into a couple of regular classes. You can both have lives and still manage home responsibilities.

 I read it as he's been telling her he's working late, but actually playing rugby. OP knew about the gym every day for 2 hours, plus one night of rugby that is followed by a drinking session. But it turns out he's playing rugby other nights too. Lying to your partner about your activities is a big deal to most people.
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 Lying and deceit is the issue here!
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 He lies because he knows she will try and stop him and maybe he doesn’t like being controlled because he is a grown adult and a man. He isn’t out partying or having an affair he is indulging in a hobby. All he is guilty of is not liking confrontation.
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