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Does your family tax benefit stop when your child stops high school and takes up a Traineeship?

Im a single parent.
Please dont tell me to ring Centrelink because i have more then 5 times and nobody knows the answer there either !!! Have also read and re-read the website and there is no answer there as well.


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Is the traineeship equivalent to any of these?

What is full time secondary study for FTB
Full time secondary study can include any of the following:

-study leading towards a year 12 qualification
-an accredited secondary course through a secondary school, TAFE, higher education institution, or special school
-an Australian Qualification Framework Certificate II or higher qualification issued by a Registered Training Organisation or higher education institution
-Certificate II, III or IV of General Education, the International Baccalaureate or other higher education pre-entry course.

 I'm thinking you won't qualify, but he can claim his own payments

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 Thank you for answering...She will be doing a Diploma of Early Childhood Education through TAFE.

It is a Australian Qualification Framework qualification.

So what do you think??

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 Bumma! Cant claim her own payment as she is being paid, she’s worked since she was 13.5. She will be earning too much to claim.
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 Oh that sucks. I guess just update your details about her study and see what happens.
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