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First Child

We are expecting our first child after years of having issues conceiving, In that time I have worked out there are things I like and don’t like.

- I don’t like Onsie and Jump Suits cause to me they just look like pyjamas/Singlet suits and I don’t want my child wearing them during the day. What do you dress your baby in during the day that arnt those things

- Do you have to buy singlets or singlet suits

- Is it true that you generally dress the baby in 1 more layer then you wear

- Is it ok to use sheets and blanket securely tucked in with baby at bottom of cot instead of these fancy sleep sacks. I prefer not to use them


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You are focussing on the wrong things. Think about what your baby wants, what is comfortable and safe, not what you want.

 100% 👏👏
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 Sorry but I am the baby’s parent I am asking a question I don’t see the issue but what do you think I should be focussing on
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 Nothing worse than seeing a newborn in fu****g skinny jeans, They look so uncomfortable!!! Onesies are great for comfort.
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 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love it
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The reason babies wear onesies is because they are comfortable, You don’t need to find co-ordinating items, or worry about them pulling socks off (with my first, I must have bought 100 pairs of socks!) You can get so many really cute ones too! Think about having to lay on your back or tummy with an awful waistband digging into your sensitive little tummy, or uncomfortable textures, or things that ride up. My poor first bub was dressed to the 9’s for the first couple of weeks (I thought “eew, onesies are for pyjamas”) until I ended up realising she was happier and cosier in her onesies! I was given so many dresses for my daughter and she didn’t get to wear any of them because first it was too cold, then she couldn’t crawl in them (they made her fall over 😬).Save the outfits for special occasions and photos lol. Singlet suits stop them from riding up and becoming uncomfortable- BUT they are a pain to have to do up over and over and can contribute to side leakage (especially if you use modern cloth nappies).

 Also recommend zips over buttons any day! Those snap buttons are terrible to work out when you are sleep deprived and hanging on by a thread lol
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 Agree, buttons are annoying to get a nappy on and off, especially during the night. I liked the zips that went down to the feet as it made it easier to change each nappy faster.

My kids loved the sleeping sacks, they slept better in them. I got so much more sleep from using them.

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A baby is only a baby for such a short amount of time, allow your baby to be a baby, there will be plenty of time for ‘outfits’, although the child should drive the desire for dress ups, not the parent.

Congrats on having your baby! You will learn along the way because how you think things will be is not how they turn out . You need clothes that make it easy to change nappies, that make the baby comfortable and keep them either warm or cool . Onesies are great I like the zip ones They don’t ride up keeping the baby’s back warm and feet some you can even turn the sleeves over to keep the hands warm or stop them scratching their face .

Typically you can expect to need to change the baby’s clothes about 3-6 (maybe more) times a day, consider this and what others have said.

 Sorry why do you deem they need to be changed so much
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 My two kids hardly ever had to get changed, so that seems excessive to me. But every baby is different. I wouldn't buy heaps of clothes until you've worked out if your bub is a messy one. Poo and spew are the reasons babies need changing. Look up poonami so it's not a shock if it happens 😉
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 Depending on the baby you have, they might vomit just enough after each feed to need changing, not to mention poos that leak through nappies, up their back etc. once the start on solids, you pretty much have to strip them for every meal or dress them in a paint shirt if you want to avoid changing clothes lol
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Of course you don’t need to put your bub in onesies. Completely your choice. There are a lot of options. Go to a baby store or baby section of a department store and have a look.

Just a word on the sleeping sacks, both of mine slept better in them. So don’t discount them simply because you don’t like the look of them.

Everyone has their preferences and we all do things Differently. And that’s perfectly fine . Our babies are also very different. So keep an open mind and don’t dismiss anything unless you have tried it because nothing about parenting is predictable.

For newborns onesies are great. Separate top and bottom, I find the tops ride up and bunch and baby must get uncomfortable. Having said that stretchy baby leggings with a T-shirt (long or short sleeve) is a good alternative. Put a onesie singlet underneath so baby stays warm around their middle.
Stylish baby clothes often aren’t very practical to get in and off so just be mindful of that when shopping. And basically avoid anything with zips and buckles that could potentially dig in and cause pressure areas on bubs delicate skin.
I swaddled with muslin wraps when my babies were little, but found sleeping bags safer and more practical once Bub starts to roll and move around from about 3-4 months old. Mine used to kick and wriggle out of the swaddle by that age and then pull it up over their faces which is not safe, so that’s when I switched to sleeping bags. In winter I still tuck a blanket over them for extra warmth, which is fine as long as you follow sids guidelines and it’s tucked in tight.
Yes, generally speaking, it’s one more layer for Bub than what you are wearing. Young babies have immature circulatory systems so their hands and feet will always feel cold. Check Bub is warm enough by putting your hand down the back of their neck to feel their back or chest.
All 3 of my babies were different, one liked to be tucked up a lot warmer than the other 2 and still does at 3yrs old. You’ll soon get to know your baby and what they like and are comfortable in.

There are cute onesies out there. Check out brands like seed. They don’t all look like pjs. They are easier to get on and off Bub (safer when they wiggle around. Definitely recommend a onesie atleast as a bottom layer.
Brands like seed also have comfortable ‘outfits’ look for things with buttons where shoulder pads go as they are more practical to put in and off.
Singlets with buttons important to make sure no elements get to Bub, no matter the weather they need to be covered.

You can put a Bub in a sheet any way you like and any movement will cause twisting and what not. I definitely suggest a gro bag, plenty of spares, they come in different togs (thicknesses) and also come with a room thermometer to suggest layers of clothing. Plain bonds onesies with and without sleeves and singlets that clip up at the bottom keeps in poo explosions.
Swaddling with a sheet firm the first few weeks while Bub is not moving followed by sleeping bags.

I worked as a maternity nurse for many years, often booked by exhausted parents. I have had loads of experience in this department.

 Also some of my clients were celebrities, they always focused on cute blankets for the bugaboo or any designer pram. Beautiful throws for the floor for them to play on.
One in particular had an entire tall boy full of crispy white onesies. Full onesies, half sleeve, full sleeve , singlet. new bubs sleep so often when they are out and about which is better than them being out in the elements anyway. The nappy bag had zip up pouches full of one of each for changes of cloths. Anything pooped on got binned!!!

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Congratulations to you firstly.

You'll find in the early days when they just eat sleep & poop, the onesies are a saviour. Particularly the double zipped ones. But if you really don't want them - there are wide varieties of cute tights & tops you can get. Look for comfort rather than rigid materials.

Singlets / singlet suits are good in winter under clothes & when its really hot just a singlet with the nappy is all bub needs.

My daughter was swaddled, with a sheet/blanket over the top tucked in. My son is a wriggler so I had to buy sleeping bags. They are not mandatory but will really depend on the baby.

Good luck!

 Thanks for the advice I just intended on swaddling so just wasn’t sure the point of the sleep sacks
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 Swaddling in the fist 3 months (about) then sleeping bags.
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Singlet suits, onesies, and i use a swaddle at night, no sheets blankets etc because it's not sids friendly.
Onesies are quite practical for floppy newborns. They're warm, they're easy to get on and off. They have the rest of their lives for fancy clothes.

My kids all wore onesies to keep them warm, the 1 layer thing worked for us, and I suggest you look up sids and kids for the blanket info. Its fine if you follow the guidelines properly

Yes one layer than you especially in winter. In summer a light weight cardigan is fine. Onsies are for babies. I found qhen i had pumpkin patch on my child little jeans etc people gave horrible comments. So i swapped to onsies. If you can handle criticism do what you want.

 Can I ask why did you fine people gave you dirty looks just cause you chose to dress your baby a certain way
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 I guess people expect to see a baby in onsies and 99% of the time mine was but those few occassions I was told " its not a doll, stop teying to dress it as a toddler" random strangers when he wore jeans and a cute bear jumper for the first time. Its hard enough being a firat time young mum with no supports but then to have random comments it put me off.
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 I guess society has expectations. Babies in onsies or jumpsuits. If you branch aqay from the norm you are a "bad mum". My point is do what is beat for you and your baby and ignore the rest. Plenty of babies have little normal outfits these days. 12 years ago not so much. A baby can be comfy either way. There is no right or wrong.
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 Btw I know bonds have lovely two pieces now along with onsies which are not just plain white blue yellow or green now. You have lots of choices now I am sure you will be fine.
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 I love the stuff at best and less. So cute
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If you don't want to use onsies that's up to you. But I'd only be putting bub in outfits that are made of the same/similar type of fabric- nice and soft. No stiff denim jeans etc. Also babies sleep a lot, so it makes sense for them to be in pyjamas (onsies) all day. You may also find your bub doesn't like getting clothes pulled over their head, which is another reason onsies are handy. When wearing outfits, I would use a singlet suit underneath so if the top rides up their skin isn't exposed (in colder weather).