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So I remember my mum using oil of ulan back in the 90s, and i bought some Olay the other day, I figure it's been around forever so must be good, but it feels watery. Do you use it? Is it good as a face cream moisturizer? Otherwise what Do you use?


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For those who use sunscreen do you wear it even if you don't go outside??

I use a moisturiser by Christian Dior. It’s very pricey but it lasts and to me is like liquid gold for the face. Gorgeous and highly recommend but not budget friendly sorry :(

My mum is 69 and has used it forever. She is so wrinkly she looks older than her mother who is 91. So I wouldn’t recommend it based on that. Of course genetics play a part and I’ll probably look as horrid as her. Sigh..... sunscreen everyday will help.

Suncreen, sunscreen, sunscreen during the day face, neck arms and hands. Make up with high sunscreen for face. At night I alternate between vitamin E, dove, and more expensive brands. The trick is to be consistent and if you have a daughter tell her to start early. Drink lots of water, reduce alcohol intake and eat veggies.

 I try to sunscreen during the day but it makes me unbearably itchy after applying it. What's a good brand you'd recommend
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 Moo goo
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 I use banana boat face.
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I’m allergic to it. I found a beautiful one by tatcha at Mecca

I used it once and had a reaction to it. It felt like it gave me chemical burns to my face.

My nan loved it, applied it day and night she had soft skin but still had wrinkles. I am having trouble trying to find a moisturiser that doesn't make me break out.

 You can take steps to reduce the time it takes to get them, and the severity of them but not stop them completely. It’s all part of the ageing . The end of our chromosomes have telomeres which reduce as we get older and have something to do with the ageing process. Including the he loss of elasticity in your skin. I’m no scientist so I can’t t explain it completely, haha. It they have been in the news of late, so I think it’s a pretty new discovery.
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My mum used it back in the day too. I loved the smell.

I use dermalogica.