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If I send a gift addressed c/- local post office will it find its way to the intended recipient?

I want to send a gift to my neice but her Mum won't give anyone their address. I know the suburb, can I just send it to the local PO with Mums name on it? Will they send it to her from there or just return it back to me?


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Send it to a local church with a note explaining your desire to pass on the gift but not knowing details about the address. Include as much name/area information as you can. Chances are the church will do their best investigative work and either pass it on for you or send it back if they can’t find the person. Try a Baptist or Pentecostal church as they ate more likely to do spontaneous outreach.

My kids dad does this. I get an email saying it’s coming and the post office gives it to me. He has our P.O. Box number but still does it this way. I think he is trying to make me feel like a twat (in our smallish towns post offices eyes) for not allowing stuff be posted to home.
I often have to check the contents and read the cards before passing them on. I unwrap and rewrap the gifts too.

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 I also have to do this with my kids and gifts from their dad and his parents. Until you have an ex who is a psychopath and damages the kids for fun, please keep your opinions to yourself.
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Could you not arrange to meet her somewhere local if you aren't too far away? That way you can personally hand it over.
Or send to a relative or friend of hers so they can pass it on?

What if there is some one in town with the same name?? How are they to know which one the Ariel is for??
I’m sorry, but the parcel will more than likely be returned to you.

Might depend on the person processing it. Possible they won't even send it to that post office, just return it to you straight away. Best to ask Aus post.

If the mum is going to collect it from the PO, they might hold onto it for a few days before returning it, but PO Boxes are their income earners so they probably wouldn’t be happy about doing anything that helps like that. You could make her sign for collection, then mark it “to be collected from (xyz) Post office”. Then you would be able to track it, and make sure she turned up to collect it when it arrives. They wouldn’t have a choice then but to hand it over.

 I don't have any contact with her to ask her to pick it up unfortunately! Makes it harder.
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Probably it would get returned to you being in a city.

 Yes this is what i was thinking
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