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Lg cordless vacuum with mop

Anyone have this vacuum and can tell me if it’s ok to use the mop on laminate floor boards? I’ve checked the reviews and specs but it doesn’t mention laminate floors and I don’t want my husband spending that amount of money if it’s not suitable for laminate floors.


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I don’t know which one you’re talking about but my husband sells flooring. Just use the least amount of water on laminate floors and dry them immediately.

 Thanks for that, I spoke to hubby and we’re not buying it, I’m not sure you can limit the amount of water that comes out. I’ll just upgrade my vacuum and continue using my spray mop.
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 That’s what I do too.
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They don’t let out a great deal of water. Go into Jb hifi Home store and they should have one on display that you can try. Honestly the amount of water released is minimal

I don't know the answer, but if you do get one can you tell us what you think? I want one but am unsure as the reviews aren't great.

 ^ this
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