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Are you happy with your life?

I would think that with the posts on here that most of you are miserable. There is so much negativity. I'm the opposite I'm a happy little fucker. Love my husband & love our crazy life. Tell us are you happy, why? Are you just hanging on why?


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I love that your a happy little fucker who loves your husband and life! You give me hope, thank you :)

 Glad I could help. You'll get there too 💗
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I’m happy 😊 I guess people come on here when they’re stressed

 True, people don't vent and bitch when everything goes well 😂
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I am the same as you!! And I count my blessings every day 😊

I'm really happy mostly. I have about the same amount of "shit" going on in my life as other people I know, but they seem so miserable and negative. Maybe it's about outlook on life??

It's good to see so many happy people on here & those that aren't it won't always be this way. Peace love & happiness to everyone.....I feel like the happiness santa all a good day 😆

I thank the universe every day for my blessings. I have a beautiful home and the most amazing husband and kids to fill it with 😍

I would consider myself a happy person but I put myself into bad situations. I try and make the best of things though. I do consider myself lucky to have what I have and find joy wherever I can.

 Sounds like you've got this thing called life figure out 😊.
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I'd say I'm pretty happy! Life is busy and tiring and not perfect in any sense. But we are blessed with good health and a good life so I really can't complain!

Wish I was single and childless
I am 25 and married 8 Years with 4 kids under 5 and 15 weeks pregnant

 Buy a tv
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 I hope you find happiness despite the way you're feeling now! ♥
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 That's alot on your plate. Best start saving for hubbies snip operation. Or blanket sex ban until he gets it sorted. Try & find some time for yourself.
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 Sorry Hun. Sending big warm hugs your way xxx
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 We ❤ u trolly xx
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 With that many young ones you would be entitled to a red cross volunteer to help. Also i would see about childcare tp decrease your load
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I’m just hanging on. My husband cheated on me a while ago and I can’t get over it. Every time he works late I think he’s with her. They work together so I know they still talk and I’m always wondering what they are talking about. He’s very sorry and at the time booked a family holiday so we could all reconnect. My work wouldn’t let me take holidays at the time he’d booked so I had to quit my job. He knew it was a blackout period and booked it anyway saying my job was shit anyway ( and it was, but was still a job). I havnt found work yet. So I’m miserable at home with the all the housework/ kid stuff/ running of the household left to me with no thanks at all while he grumbles about me not trying hard enough to find a job. I’m sinking into depression. My beautiful kids are the only thing keeping me going. Oh and I also have an illness that doctors don’t know how to treat so I’m always so very tired. I don’t enjoy life, I just plod along running around after everyone else.

 Leave him
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 Sounds like you're going through alot right now. It won't always be this way. Try & take little steps to change things more to your liking so you can have some happiness every day. It starts with the little things.
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 He sounds toxic to you.
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I’m happy my kids are teens but good ones so far. I am reclaiming hobbies and developing new ones and met and made lots of friends through my hobbies and I go out a lot with my new friends. I just finished a masters and changed jobs. I’ve been overseas with old girlfriends. My husband and I have a good relationship I wouldn’t call it crazy in love but after 21 years no major hassles I am content. I live in a beautiful area close to the beach and am grateful for every day.

I'm a pretty happy and smiley person. Life is good, although I do look forward to the kids being a little older so I can get back into my hobbies again.

Mostly. Of course there are times when I’m not but when I look back on how life used to be for me I count my blessings now.