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Hate my new boss

I work as a Manager on Duty for a large company and am currently employed on a casual basis. Approximately 4 months ago I took up a second location. My manager brought me in for a meeting over the silliest thing (not letting a certain staff member go home early as per his request, Instead I requested all staff stay back 5 mins late). Afterwards I learnt it was his girlfriend. Now i have absolutly no respect for him. He has started picking me up on anything he can find and has threatened me with 'your still on probation".
Anyway my question is. Is this normal to hate and be hated by your boss?


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OP just an update but this has now been sorted. I ended up speaking to EAP who explained that it was wrong and even said that he was most likely trying to control me. Anyway went to his direct manager and she was unaware that the meeting had occurred and she hadn't heard of any performance issues with me. Laughing now but I guess I better watch my back.

Although I agree wholeheartedly with you, I would like to disagree with asking all staff to stay late. I was someone who didn't mind staying late before I had kids. However, once I managed staff I realised some couldn't as they had kids, appointments, or other personal commitments, but are often too afraid to say so for fear of losing jobs, opportunities or peer respect. I knew this because I worked alongside them before I managed them. So although I know some don't agree with that position, I'm firm on not asking people to work back, and thus usually you have happier, more productive staff. Even five minutes can be mean a lot to someone. Just because it's not you personally doesn't mean it's not a problem for some!

 Sometimes you have to ask staff to stay back. I often have the choice between asking for help staying back, or staying back for hours myself. But I always ask if anyone can stay back, if they can't for whatever reason it's ok it could be an appointment or picking kids up. I have a few that always offer, when we are quiet I let them go home early as a thank you.
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I hated my boss and she hated me. She wanted her friend to take the position but she had no experience. I was a transfer as my location shut down so I was given the job. The boss felt threatened because I had management experience. She tried her best to get rid of me by telling lies about me and generally just being a bitch. I lasted a year before I quit. Sometimes there’s personality clashes and sometimes, like in my case and yours, managers are just arseholes.

It's a horrible conflict of interest and you should call him out on it. He is bias toward his Girlfriend when at that time you may have had good reason to ask others to stay back. Now if his gf acts out you will feel like you have little power for he might repremand you again. Tell him this and tell HR that you feel uncomfortable with how he is treating this situation. What a jerk

 Go straight to hr about it

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 Terrible idea.
Best to say you didn’t realize 5mins was a problem, next time ask for help and for those who can work back make it up to them at a later date. Regardless whether his gf was involved he specifically asked you not to make them work back. Learn to follow directions.

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 Nope. It was a chaotic day. He asked that his GF be sent home early because she was 'stressed" so instead I asked that everyone pull together and we would only be 5 mins late.

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 Make a point of saying that you have been advised that gf is to be let off early and therefore you will need to ask everyone else to stay back with you and pick up the slack. Let the troops sort out their own. Your job is just to get the work done.
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 That would actually work.
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Now i'm being pulled into a meeting later this week with the Facility Manager.

 Sorry that was meant to go above!
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