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Ok, so supermarkets aren’t offering mainstream home delivery. How are you getting your groceries? How often are you going to the shops?


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Twice probably every 7-10 days. One big shop and then a top up for fruit, veg, milk and bread.

I went today for the first time in almost two weeks. I did order a fruit/veg box last week. If I didn’t go today I was afraid my family would vote me out. We have had some interesting meals the last few days, but hey no one went hungry. I went first thing this morning to Woolies and got almost everything I needed. Popped into IGA to get what I couldn’t find. Scored some toilet paper there. I should be set for another 2 weeks, I hope.

Have been struggling to be honest. My husband has been grabbing bits and pieces on his way home from work, but because it’s late in the afternoon there’s often not a lot available. We’ve just been making do with what we can get and going every couple of days to top up.
I attempted a big weekly shop on the weekend, but because I’m so used to online shopping I really struggled. Firstly I made the mistake of going to an unfamiliar supermarket as I thought it’d be quieter. Secondly, I have no idea of store layout because I’m so used to online, I was in there for longer than desired trying to find everything.

Still once a week for a big shop, though we did need to pop in the get extra milk over the weekend. Our local has lifted restrictions on fresh milk though, so today I got a full weekly shop so no need to go back to the shops. We have had to adjust our meal plan on the spot, however, because a lot of shelves are still empty but minor details really.

Every 4 days for fresh milk and a top up of whatever has run out. I miss online shopping, it takes so much longer and the shopping crowds with this virus make me uneasy.

Why was my post deleted? All I said was I’m still going twice a week. Sheesh.

SAHM Staff Nothing was deleted 11 hours ago. I just checked in the back end of the website. It’s possible your answer just didn’t load?
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 It's a legitimate question
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 You’re right, it is a legit question. My answers get deleted from posts too and I never write anything mean.
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At one point I had to go everyday because there was never milk or things I actually needed

Because of all the restrictions and shelves not being fully stocked thanks to panic buying we do twice every 10 days. My normal weekly shop has stopped because I can’t buy what we need but I’ve been able to improvise a lot. We are at least having some very interesting meals and I’ve started cooking double to have left overs for lunch the next day.

Once a week. My husband drops in after work. We made a decision that he was already out in the world for work, we dont need to risk myself & the kids. We just get fresh fruit, vegetable & top up of other things, not a big shop.

Once a week...going to try and push it out to a few extra days. Meals are going to be interesting by the end of the week though🤣

Went yesterday and need to go wed to buy fresh bread