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What age did your kids find out about Santa?

I have told my 11year old the truth about Santa, tooth fairy and Easter Bunny. I feel sad that his childhood has some how finished, what age did your own children find out?


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this is the problem with parents today you are wanting your kids to grow up to fast instead of letting them have a childhood

 Don't kid yourself. The santa myth is for parents, not kids. Kids have their own imaginary worlds, they don't need adults inventing one for them & then messing with their heads insisting it's REALLY TRUE when they can see for themselves the facts don't line up.
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My oldest is 13, I’m not really sure when he figured it out, it’s been a while though. I don’t know that he ever believed in Santa 100%. My youngest is 9, he starting questioning things around 7. I asked if really wanted to know, he did. He said he figured that was how it was and moved on. The truth about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy came shortly after.

Told them from age 2
I don’t lie to my kids

 Well then you should have told them straight up not from 2.
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 2 is when they are old enough to ask the question or even understand the concept of real or not real. Before that there's no point saying anything to them about the realness or otherwise of santa, they wouldn't get it anyway.
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I have never tried to pretend to my kids that Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy etc are real. They know they're pretend. I was raised this way myself so I know it's still fun and magical. I never had the disappointment of finding out it's not true and don't want that for my kids.

 I was never dissapointed when I found out, it's a slow progression of realisation.... and then you feel like a "big kid" who's in on the "secret"

It's not this souls crushing reveal.

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 Maybe not for you but I've heard lots of people say they found out from older cousins or schoolyard etc and were totally crushed & felt really betrayed by parents. Just don't see the point of it.
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 That's snowflake victim mentality, they will find something else to be crushed that their parents did wrong to them if it's not that, honestly... its not a big deal. And I'm saying that with 5 kids two of whom are super sensetive super honest kids.
One who knows one who doesn't.
My eldest was only a bit sad that she found out because that part was over kinda, like dad she can't believe in him anymore. But after that conversation I share with them "yes Virginia there is a Santa clause..." and they begin to understand how deep the magic goes....
3/5 currently know the truth but our whole household believe in Santa.

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 Like I said, doesn't ruin the magic NOT to do it so don't see the point.
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When they asked if it was true. I told them “if you really want to know the truth, then I will tell you” One child said “yes of course I want to know” and the other child (when she asked) said “No, I’d rather not know”. One child was a realist and one child was a dreamer. Both asked around the same age (8 or 9), but they hear things in school and it depends on their friend group when they will start questioning it. One of yhe concerns my “dreamer” had was, if she knew the truth, gifts would stop happening and her magical childhood would end. We had to assure her that nothing would be changing if she became more informed. She still chose not to know for a few more years. Each child is different.

 Thank you. I did ask him if he wanted to know the truth before I tokd him and he said yes. He was suspecting for a while.he said he was a little disappointed it wasn't real but I assured him nothing would change.
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 This sounds like it was the right time for him then. Good parenting 101💕
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My children are 12 and (15 has a mild intellectual disability) they still believe. Love that they do.

My son told me at 12 that he’d known for a couple of years but didn’t want to ruin it for me. My 11 year old girl is super intelligent but still believes. She writes letters to Santa and the Easter bunny. She refused to go on a family holiday for Christmas this year because Santa wouldn’t know where we were. I think she’s going to be crushed when she finds out.

about 6

 That's very young.
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 Poor kid
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 My stepson is 6 and last Christmas he started to to say stuff like "Santa isn't real." So I told him if he doesn't believe he doesn't get Christmas presents anymore because Santa knows and doesn't deliver to you. He soon changed his mind lol
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 Why is he a 'poor kid' if he guessed? Some kids do just guess.
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eldest guessed at 4 and Im not kidding. I was upset because I thought I didn't try hard enough to pretend but Ive since heard other parents say that their kid guessed at that age as well. Some kids just question everything and she is that type.
Middle still believes (I think) at 6. When shes about 10 if she hasn't guessed I think Ill tell her but I imagine she will guess.

Baby - not sure yet LOL

My kids knew from around 4. The only reason we started the whole believe in santa stuff was because people put pressure on us to do so. They still got a small present and a lolly bag from Santa but 95% of gifts were from us. We stopped Santa the year before they went to high school.

My son fessed up last year (10yrs) that he knew, the second thing out of his mouth was don't worry mum I won't tell (little sisters name) She is 9 and as far as I'm aware she still believes, although last Xmas she did question how santa got the same wrapping mum and dad used the year before lol

My son is 11. We recently told him the truth because he plays sport with all older kids. It would have been awful for him to find out from them.