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Can Preschool refuse to enroll an unimmunised child? Just checked the NSW health and the only difference I have noticed regarding immunizations is that unimmunised kids are not entitled any benefits, but it states that they can still be enrolled in any form of daycare.

So I dont understand... " No jab no play" ? Not necessarily...should it be: " No jab no benefits"?


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It is all very hush hush but daycares in NSW still have to accept unvaccinated kids in 2016. The only difference in praical terms is that parents of unvaccinated kids are not entitled to any form of benefit related to daycare an d family tax benefit.There is a new conscientious objection form.

 But the pollies kept it hush hush so they got the parents vote
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All throughout aus as of jan 1 2016. The centre has the right to refuse the unvaccinated child but if they accept then then the parents are to pay the full cost of childcare 0 rebate. Hope that helps :)

 This only applies if your child is not medically exempt though, correct? My son has allergies to eggs, and thus, he cannot be vaccinated. He relies on the herd; being stuck with a bunch of unprotected children could be dangerous.
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 Better hope he's also the own medically exempt kid in a center too or that would be kinda dangerous
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 One or two among 30 is much safer than 29 little Petrie dishes....
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Just in QLD and VIC though, isn't it?

 No australia as of jan 1
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I believe it's the decision. Of the individual center or caregiver if you don't have a medical exemption.

Yes they now have the right to refuse any non immunised child