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What do I get my kids stepmum? And step sister?

I'm late night shopping and need advice ASAP. Step mum I don't know that well seems to like the beach? Her daughter is a teen girl. What do I get???


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How kind of you to get step mum and step daughter something. That's the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time.

Round beach towel for kid. All the rage. Natural skincare or soap etc for the mum. You are super thoughtful x

Thanks everyone! I did go for a round beach towel for each and my daughter chose a 'boho' hair accessories pack for her step sister she wouldn't let me get the gift card because it had to be a 'big' present haha I'm glad I asked I always get stuck with presents

Should I just get Coles Myer voucher so she can use it anywhere or is there a teen type
Of shop? and how much do you think?

 No that is super boring
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My son wanted to buy his step mom a dolphin pendant. He didnt want to buy his dad anything so i said he could buy him chocolate. I didnt want his dad feeling shit not getting anything.
I dont care that they never organise presents for the kids to give me. I just love having my kids with me.

Step mum, beach towel. Teen girl, voucher of some kind

Wow if love you as the Bio mum i deal with! My Christmas present off her and the kids was her not ruining our day

Um why are you buying the step mum and step sis presents??? Shouldn't your ex be dealing with that?

 Maybe the kids wanted to go shopping with their mum, not their dad. Maybe OP isn't solely focused on herself and is thinking about what's best for her kids, not being snarky about it like your comment is.
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