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Mixed Feeding

I'm a little confused how mixed feeding works, obviously I know its a mixed of bottle and breast feeding but am confused in going all day without feeding. I take medication that lasts in my system for 10 hours and cant breastfeed during those hours. so from 7am-5pm I cant breastfeed, but want to continue night feeding. Will I be able to go all day without feeding or with I need to let some down, and how will I keep up my supply in only feeding at night? I have read that eventually my supply will know that I only feed at night and adjust accordingly, if this happened to you how long did that take? Thanks.


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If it's in your system when you produce the milk won't you need to pump and dump? I would discuss this with a lactation consultant. Medication issues and breastfeeding are complicated. I would hate to think some bad advice from one of us made your LO sick or worse.

Call the Australian breastfeeding association.get professional advice to be safe

If there aren't any other considerations then maybe take meds at say 9 pm then night bottle and bed. My babies have woken for night time feeds but not as many as daylight hours. Also depends how old bubs is I guess.
Any time your getting mgbsis engorged and uncomfortable you can eitherer pump and dump, or just hand express a tiny amount - however much starts to give you relief, if you do more than this your body will presume to make more again.

You will need to pump and dump for the feeds you are unable to breastfeed for. If you don't you won't keep your supply up. A good quality breastpump will for every time its a bottle.
Good luck and great to see you wanting to keep it up.
Also have you checked with rhodney at Monash Hospital Clayton. He's great for knowing If there are other medications that are breastfeeding frendly