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I really hate sport.

I’m talking about AFL, rugby ect. I hate how half of the news on TV is dedicated to sport, will it ever end? Who actually gives a fuck about a bunch of bogans chasing after a ball?


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I know this is going to sound completely shocking, but just go with it. Turn the tv off. Imagine that. All the sport goes away. Or turn the channel. Put a dvd on. Sign up to netflix. I fricken hate sport. All of it. There is not a single sport I enjoy watching. So I dont. Easy solved.

 Shhh don't speak common sense too loudly round these parts. It's not well received.
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 What if you want to watch the news? What if your driving and listening to the radio and the news comes on and so much of it is sport?
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 I hate it when I go to watch the news, and they have a report about something big that happened in sport in their headlines, and then report it again in the sports. Just save it for the sports report and give us current affairs in the news!
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 Why would I put Netflix on while I’m waiting for whatever comes after the news?
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 Netflix was a suggestion. If you are waiting for something after the news, then yes it would be strange to load up Netflix. But you can still turn it over. You can yurn the volume down. There are a hundred things you can do instead of torturing yourself by watching sport.
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I'll take sport over all the bloody crap "reality" tv shows that are on every night on every tv channel!!

I don't like sport either but lots of people do that's why it's on TV so much

A lot of people do, ratings and views detormine air time Hun.

I don’t bother watching any kind of sport. Thankfully, neither does my husband. My father was addicted to armchair sports, and would forgo family time to watch it, even planned activities. Sport more important that’s no spending time with his kids. That’s probably why im not at all a fan. But I don’t really hate it.

I'm so over those box headed bogan's who can't string two words together on TV 24/7 and that also applies to the idiot host's on TV. Can't tell much men run the networks, sport morning, noon and night, especially weekends. Have enough idiots in my everyday life to deal with, don't need to watch them on TV as well

It's one of my bugbears too, especially when it seems to be on all channels at the same time - drives me bonkers!

Cos lots of other people like to watch it 🤔

On the topic of sport why do schools not give a shit anymore when a child thrives at sport?
My dyslexic son was told if he didn't get a certain grade in his report he couldn't play any of his regional sports or knock out teams next year.
He worked really fu****g hard to get his Cs and 2 Ds. He HATES his tutor session every Friday but he shows up and he try's, and it's so exhausting he falls asleep after it.
And cos he still can't pass their bench mark of where a "normal" 11 year old should be, theyre gonna take away from him what he shines in. What gives him confidence, that stops the kids in their tracks when they call him dumb.
Iv had numerous parents tell me this is fair.

Why do people hate sport so much?

 I mean I get you don't like it personally but to begrudge it, meh I just don't get it.

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 I wonder how fair they would find it if the tables were turned, they had to start getting A's in sport to get A's in the classroom! Not so fair then is it.
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 I appreciate it, I seemed to be surrounded by people who think it's only fair his sport is taken off him if he doesn't perform in the classroom.
Meanwhile their kids all get I tried hard ribbons at sports carnivals, participation ribbons at cross country ect ect.
But they cant acknowledge how hard my son works for his "C" it's his absolute best I have no doubt in my mind as he is not a 70% kinda kid. He throws his whole self into everything, his head just can't see words the same way. Just like other kids bodies can't move the way his can.

Anyways I'm ranting as it's recent and I'm just so mad and frustrated at the school and all the other mothers who won't support me.

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I'm not into sport either but I don't mind all the talk. Its one if the only things left that brings a sense of community to our lonely, selfish lifestyles.

The media push sport , especially watching sport to keep the people in line. Imagine if people who spend hours following sport, played it instead. They would be fitter and most likely make healthier choices in other aspects of their lives.

What are you talking about!? Most of the news is dictated by whats 'trending' on twitter 🤪 but seriously i agree sport sucks! My SO is a sports nut, i get so excited when footy season is over, then the tennis and soccer start. It's never ending!

I completely agree! You don’t hear about things that matter. It’s what about half of the. Need report that is dedicated to sports? No wonder people are ignorant about what is going on in the world!