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This is really weird

For the last 2 months my farts smell really bad all of a sudden (since returning from Bali) they smell like pure diarrhea. But I feel totally fine!! Doesn't matter if I have a salad or maccas, they still smell so so bad. Anyone else had something similar?


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You could have picked up a bug over there. Check with your gp. Hope it's all good x

I would immediately get a worming tablet and see the doctor this sounds like a worm or parasite issue. Simple but don't leave it too long depending on what the parasite is.

Get a prebiotic capsule and take them in the evening for a while and see how that goes, if nothing else works. I would go to the doctor though first. Tropical countries are notorious for nasty tummy bugs.

Go hard on some metamucil for a week or so.... i recently did after never doing it b4 lost 1.5kg !!! Make of that what you will hahah

 Drink 8 glasses of water
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