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"I'm not buying that shit"

That's what one mum said at woollies today after her son said, "Look 85 cents for bread". I was just putting my third loaf in the trolley and felt a bit small at that stage. I had $50 to spend and did pretty well- big tray of sausages, chicken drumsticks, diced ham, discount oranges and apples, cheese, discount milk, marg, bread, biscuits, eggs. Theres no way i could get that and $9 change with $50 if I didnt go for the cheap stuff.

Why do you think some people are so snobby when it comes to cheap food ?


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I hid in the supermarket last week to avoid the rich school mums with their big trolleys full of expensive stuff, I had about 12 home brand/marked down things in my trolley.
But I did it- I fed us 5 for the week for $37 (I also utilised the freezer, pantry, veggie patch, eggs from the chooks and I swapped eggs with a neighbour for apples and spinach). I was so embarrassed at the time, but now I'm super proud.
I got us through a rough week and paid all of the bills, without using savings or a credit card.

High five there OP- you are an awesome Mumma who is doing the best for your family this week! xxx

 Please don't assume because other people are buying more expensive items than you, they are all judging you. I might be one of those 'rich school mums' you speak of. But I have never and would never judge anyone who had to do what you are doing. You should be proud, but don't be afraid to show it. Don't hide away from the rich school mums! Those who would judge you are totally not worth your time.
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OP Thankyou. You do get a bit of a kick out of spending so little dont you ? Well done to you.
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 Personally I have never used up a single brain cell either a) taking note of someone else's groceries, let alone b) making assumptions or judgments about them based on whatever the heck they have chosen to buy. ARE there people that do this? Do you know this for a fact, or are you basing it on 'the look on their face' or something? I think you might be a bit needlessly self conscious and paranoid.
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 Usually I am too busy trying to maneuver my dodgy trolley around the shop to notice or judge anyone else's purchases.
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 I'm one of those people that just buy whatever I want, I don't look at the prices but you know what? It's because I am shit at managing money, we're in debt and in trouble and still I just spend spend spend, any notion of trying to save and cut costs last 5 minutes for me and I am back to my fu***d up old habits. I would be looking at your trolley thinking I wish I had the sense to do that.
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 I am more judgy about the amount of sugar or preservatives or junk that is in your trolley, rather then the cost of it!
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 Wow, I wish I could do a weeks shop for $37. You should feel proud about being so savvy!
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 Can you teach me how to do that☺️ That is very impressive good work Mumma 👏
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 You should feel super proud of yourself!
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I personally cant stand the cheap bread cause it taste stale and off i will only eat fresh bread but i dont look down my nose at anyone who buys it, if thats all you can afford you gotta do what you gotta do

 I call that bread cheap shit, i hate bread anyway and that stuff has more sugar etc and i hate the taste. thats why its cheap shit.
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 Did u know that "cheap bread" such as homebrand is made by tip top
It's the same bread as sunblesr. Having worked at a woolies bakery and drawing withtros for both buttercup and tip top we know that home brand is actually the same bread just different packaging

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 I would put tiptop and sunbless in the shit bread category
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 Yup , breads the one this I don’t go cheap on and this is something I would likely say. I can stand cheap bread. It’s shit. Lol.
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If 85 cents is what you can spend to feed your babies then you spend that, she really shouldn't have said it in ear shot of you when she seen you buying it, that makes her a fuckwit.

Onwards and upwards, you're better than her already if you're not a passive aggressive bitch towards other random shoppers.

I have no idea. I don't buy the cheap stuff now but I used to. I have the money to buy the more expensive brands now so I do. I feel like it's my responsibility to buy the more expensive stuff now I can afford it. Someone's gotta keep those brands in business so there's competition in the market. if you can't afford it, that's cool. You're doing your part to keep the cheaper brands going. Maybe I'll have to buy them again one day and will be grateful things like home brand and smart buy still exist. It's about balance. Quality isn't measured by dollars, otherwise we'd call it price. Instead we call it quality, which is a reflection of the product (as opposed to the economy). This probably makes no sense, but in my head it does. I just don't know how to put it.

The truth is that they've been brainwashed by marketing to believe that something that has a brand name is better for you. It's all just smoke and mirrors. You're doing a great (and smart) job.

 Actually i find the cheaper bread goes stale quicker than the slightly more expensive bread. It's not just brand loyalty for me, it's about quality.
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Don't let anyone make you feel small OP. Hold your head up high. You are doing your best with limited resources. Your child will have food in its stomach. That's what counts.

OP Thankyou
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We'd all love to fork out $4.50 a loaf at Bakers Delight if we could! I'm lucky to go mid range at Coles. Freshly baked bread for $1.90 is excellent value. But if I was at a stretch, 85c loaves would be my choice too. Good on you and screw anyone who thinks less of you!

 The 85c loaves go in the freezer for toast. $1.90 loaves for fresh bread.
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 This is exactly what we do! 85c bread for toast and the Coles $1.90 for fresh, it's so goof!
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 *Good lol
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 Ha, i cant stand the $1.90 bread from coles. Ewwwww. I happily get the 85 cent stuff if we have white bread but usually i get the $1.50 wholemeal as it keeps my kids fuller for longer
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I hate the cheap bread. I don't look down my nose at anyone who buys it. I will not buy it myself though. I wouldn't be taking it as a personal attack though, she might just feel the same as me and dislikes the taste and to her it is shit.

I buy cheap bread for lunches and toast etc but often get the nicer stuff if im making like snitzel sangas for dinner... bread is bread- dont feel small.

Maybe don't judge the "rich mums" from your side. You have no idea what is going on in their lives etc (as I saw one comment above about spending too much but being in debt). I am lucky enough to be in a place where we don't really have to watch what we spend in the way of shopping but it hasn't always been that way. I was a single mum for a long time, I worked hard to finish uni and work as a professional to give my daughter the best I could but we still had to budget sometimes so I really appreciate my situaiton now. I know I would never judge someone that was doing awesome to feed their family with whatever they had so I would hope that the same would be from the opposite direction.
Not to mention that I don't even really notice others trolleys. I more feel bad when I load everything up on the checkout belt and see way too much junk food etc and wish I was a bit better at disciplining myself to eat healthier or even wishing I had more time to spend in the kitchen making more wholesome "treats" for the kids (I still work so not much extra time for this stuff).
It does suck that to be able to feed your family on a budget, families have to opt for products that are of lower nutritional value. Shows society has problems when it is out of a lot of family budgets to get good fruit & veg and lean meats etc.

You did well for $50 Mumma! Don't you dare let that snobby c**t bring you down!!

OP I thought so too, I see it as a challenge when I have little to spend, like watch what I can do with this lol.
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I dont buy the cheap supermarket bread because i don't think its good for you but if i couldnt afford to buy bakery bread i would by cheaper supermarket bread. I would possible same something similar about buying cheaper bread if my son wanted to buy it but not to intentional make someone feel bad. But not if i realised someone nearby was buying it. Maybe she just didnt realise you where buying it

Why do you care what she thinks? I doubt she was directing her comments at you or even noticed you. Just do what you do and let other people do what they do.

I am a food snob, we don't eat cheap food, no sausages, polony, cheap white bread in our house. I would rather have good food than go on outings. I am a 4th gen baker and you cannot make money out of 85c bread. Its a ploy to get you into the supermarket to other things, same as the cheap milk.

 Wow, a 4th Generation baker! Do you have a wing at Harvard named after your family?
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 Yup its the Buttercup wing 😂
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 Omg how much did you miss the point 🙄
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OP Some people can't afford to be food snobs.
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 Do you eat carrots? They are cheap.
When you want to buy broccoli do you not buy it because it's on special?
Do you avoid those yellow stickers when buying tea bags?
I buy things on special sometimes and a few months ago we had enough saved up and took oh daughter on an outing to Movie World, she is still talking about it.

Be a food snob and an actual snob; I got to ride the Superman Roller Coaster!

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 ^^^ yeah but you can buy the more expensive carrots or organic same with other fruits and vegetables.
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 What if you can't afford outings and can't afford to be a food snob?
Why must be all judge each other? You want to spend $400 a fortnight on food, whatever, you want to or have to spend $25 a week , then I hope the store has lots of discounts and markdowns for you to achieve it! If you would rather spend money than taking your children to the museum, cool bananas, if you prefer to budget on groceries so you can go camping every weekend, so be it!

We always label everyone. I wish we could all find common ground

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1. You are already a better mum than her-she is swearing in the supermarket, wow-what a great example.
2. White bread is white bread.
3. Your kids are fed. Well done!

 I think that is a bit harsh. I'm sure they are both great mums. Putting down another to make someone else feel better is a bit low. Shit is hardly a bad swear word anyway.
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