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How to have adult time when you’re a single full time mum with three kids?

Been separated a year and want to get back out there and date. Or more accurately get laid. How do single mums find time for dating when they have their kids full time? Not wanting to bring anyone home with a house full of kids.


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So I have three kids and a husband, but we don't even have time to get laid or have adult, childfree time! Haha! Good luck

 Me too. Adult time is a few hours of laying in bed exhausted & then falling asleep with the tv still on.
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Welll I have had to wait 8 years to finally be able to find time to do that. My kids are finally old enough to be left at home for a while together or alone. Not for long periods at night or overnight. Being a single Mum of 4 and no support from anyone is hard. No kids free weekends or nights. Patience is a virtue.

invest in "BOB" battery operated boyfriend! Cheaper, doesn't answer back and you wont have another child to deal with.

Do they go to their dads on the weekend? Do they go to school?

Try to take $20 a week out of the budget and put it aside. Then hire a babysitter every 8 weeks (or more if you can afford).

It’s time to get a support group. If you have family that are willing to look after them but don’t want to say why, just say you are going out with a friend for dinner. Then get your arse on tinder and drink anyone of the tall drinks to quench your thirst.
If you can’t do that and they go to daycare or school arrange for something through those hours. If you’re looking for someone just to f**k, you don’t need someone who ticks all the boxes, just hot and can get it up.
I’m a single mum of three in the same situation. I had a good friend who I knew for years who would come over and leave straight after. Now I’m just going with school hours until holidays when I can sneak in a “movie” with someone babysitting for me.

You chose to have kids, deal with it

 Hmmm, so did her ex partner but yeah, he's not really dealing with it at all now is he? Funny that!
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 So what if she has kids? Getting laid is a human need. She needs a root!
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 Maslow's hierarchy of needs places sex in the basic needs column along with breathing and eating. She has basic needs to meet! Lol
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 This shits me to tears!!! Why is 100% of the care on the Mum! I am in the same boat seperated a year, kids are with me 24/7! I feel for you its bloody hard handling everything while the “Father” can live his life like a single man with no worries!

As someone above said, support group or babysitter. Hugs to you!

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 ^ this!!! 🙌🏼
I’ve been a single mum for 4 years with them 24/7. I don’t see why I should have to put off my needs just because I’m a mother. Im also a woman who wants to have sex. I’m a better mum if I can get it, it makes me feel like my own person, not just “muuuuuum!”. OP deserves to feel the touch of another person against her body. We are humans and it’s a primal need to feel that touch. Being a mum doesn’t stop that.

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 Single mum 24/7 care and I need this too. I need to be lovingly touched by a masculine man. Sigh
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