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How might Centrelink find out about changes to circumstances that are not reported by clients? (Study question that I can't find an answer for so I thought I would ask here in case anybody else had a idea)

I know this may not be the place to ask but for the life of me I can't find any information online.

The only thing I can think of is when a third party reports the person directly to Centrelink. Like when somebody is claiming single parenting payment but it actually in a relationship and somebody else reports it.


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Other government departments, tax office etc.

 Thanks, I hadn't thought of that.

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 Through child support
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Data matching with all sort of places. People completely under estimate what the government had access too.

Anyone that's claiming a study related payment can also be found out when the uni submits their info to centrelink

 Thanks. This is one I definitely wouldn't have thought of.
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*Fraud report (from third party - ie friend/family member)
*facebook (yes, they can check it)
*dumb luck (ie centrelink worker sees someone for Newstart, ends up going into a business that is paying them cash in hand - I've heard this one before, back when they had to go in to prove you were looking for work).

People knowing one's situation and dobbing them in - There's a welfare chat number you can call.

why would this be a study question

 I'm studying a Diploma of Youth Work and it is a question in one of the subjects.
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Centrelink had a report a fraud section where anyone can don in anyone else for anything.

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I think you are asking for yourself OP because you are doing something wrong, I.E fraud/ripping the system, but making it look like it's a study question!

 Lol I'm really not. If I could post a photo here of the question then I would.
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 It is a study question you moron. I'm doing a certificate 4 in youth work and I have to answer that question too. It's in the unit engage respectfully with young people and I have to provide at least three examples.
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 Thanks ^ I'm doing the diploma of youth work and the question was for the engage respectfully with young people subject. Good luck with your course :)
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 no this is a question in my youth diploma as well that is why im researching and have ended up here
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 or same person answering themselves...
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 ^ this was my post from 6 months ago. My last comment was the one that ended the good luck with your course comment. The other comments are from another person who I'm guessing is doing youth work as well. It's a pretty popular course as you can see.
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