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Sick of being the only one that cares

So I've spent all day cleaning as the house is absolutely freaking trashed. We went on holidays straight after Christmas so didn't have a chance to tidy up and now we're back we have even more crap from our holiday everywhere as well. I have done absolutely everything today while partner has laid on lounge saying he can't help cause it's too hot. Wtf is that? I left one fucking slob to apparently just get with another. And yet he had the nerve to yell at my daughter old cause she was playing in her room rather than cleaning. I'm over it. I'm sick of the house constantly looking like this and all I can do is think about when it was just me and my kids and how much tidier it was and how much less stressed I was. And to top it off I have a major infection in my leg which makes standing up absolute agony and no one can figure out why I'm so cranky. Ok rant over, I feel slightly better lol.


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My husband is the same. He had two weeks off work and was did nothing to help. If I put washing on it was still in the machine when I got home from work. I had to laugh this morning when he was getting ready for work and realised I hadn't washed his stuff and had to wear dirty clothes that had been in the bottom of the laundry basket for two weeks.

Can be overwhelming, most definatley if the other half isn't donning the domestic god apron, so to speak.

Delegate more jobs to *everyone* prior to your departure next time and make it known there will be no holiday to go to, until the damn house is spotless *before* you leave.

I run a tight ship. I can't compute in clutter, so my house is normally tidy as a MOFO. My husband likes to joke the beds are made up like army barracks, ready for an inspection 24/7....I'm next level.

Funny enough, the trouble I extend myself to (mostly because my standards are high and I lump most of the elbow grease, as a result) our kids don't notice the effort.

I decided yesterday in fact to change it up, just for the day and *gasp* didn't make the beds. Kids didn't notice till late in the avo, Hubby comes home from work and raises his eyebrows at me and says...."You need to do that more often".

I hope you feel better after your rant.

Get rid of him! I’d have thrown something at his head for yelling at my kids and blamed it on ‘it’s too hot’.

OP I get that it's hot but far out. You're a grown a*s adult, get over it and tidy up a bit. He settled a bit on dd once I pointed out how unfair it is that she should have to clean when it was all the kids who made the mess (his kids aren't here atm and my other one is having a nap). He's great in other places like getting out and spending time with the kids and doing yard work and everything. I wouldn't expect him to today, it's like 45°. But house work? Ha I have to go right off before he will help. Annoys the crap out of me
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