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Working in aged care?

Would love to know what it’s like and what qualifications you need! :)


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The bare min is a cert 3 in aged care but with a cert 4 in disability I worked in aged care and home and community care. It has good and bad parts, I guess it depends on the people you work for and their commitment to providing excellent care. Some places should be shut down but aren't. Its a great job I LOVE helping people but you do have to be prepared for abuse from the elderly and those you work for. I've been screamed at and hit by those I've turned up to assist. Its not pleasant but they do revert back to acting like kids at some point in their life and they cant help it for the most part, of course some are just mean, but you do get lovely clients as well.

All in all its a hard mentally, emotionally at times and physically but rewarding job.

OP Thank you this helps heaps!
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Cert 3 individual support I think it's called now.
I love my job. Love love love!
I get frustrated and a bit impatient sometimes. I get sworn at daily, have to dodge punches, and work with some angry, aggressive people, but I loveeeee it and I recommend it.
Some facilities are shit holes it's true, and some staff shouldn't be allowed to work with people at all. But there are many people who are meant to work in aged care and help make it beautiful

OP Do you work at like a retirement home or do you go out to there house?
Thanks for your comment!

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People with aged care cert 3, where did you study? I’m looking but there are so many courses with different prices, different time frames, different prac work hours. I’m so confused.