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Do you buy bigger size shoes for your kids?


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Not really, if they are too big they can be a tripping hazard. I usually buy them with a bit of growing room but certainly not the size up or anything like that.

No. They’re cheap enough to get new ones when needed and really stuff doesn’t last long anymore anyway no matter how good you treat it

Buy your own shoes too big and see how it goes for you.

No my kids are too active. They blow out their shoes in a term!

Depends. Dress shoes and boots, half size up at least. Daily shoes and sport shoes fit

The $8 shoes from big W lasted a whole term for my daughter so I’m happy to keep buying those whenever she needs them. Made the mistake once of buying an expensive sport shoe thinking they’d last 6 months. They started falling apart after 6 weeks.

I had to stop my husband buying the kids shoes. He used to buy them a size too small because he thought they needed to be a tight fit or they’d roll their ankles. They’d tell him they were too tight but he didn’t care. After one day they’d have blisters on their feet so I’d give away the shoes and buy more. I don’t get them too big otherwise they’d be uncomfortable.

Yep. My kids grow like weeds. I buy the next size up and tie the laces tight. I have 4 kids, and our income ebbs and flows. At least this way I know they have shoes.