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How did you cope going back to work after maternity leave

Have 2 months left and not sure how I will cope financially and someone babysitting my son
I am a day shift worker


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Wish I had maternity leave, was in early labour at work (Friday) went home cooked tea. water broke gave birth Saturday morning had to go back to work Monday at 8:30am

 Why go back to work ?
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 Ex quit job and was a loser, didn’t get any govt assistance as a kiwi and had bills to pay and two kids to look after. So quickly left him and moved in with my parents. Now years later married 6 years and couldn’t be happier to a great provider
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I went back after my second child 5 months ago & love it! Our baby goes to care once per week & the rest of the time I do opposite shifts to hubby (both emergency workers) so one of us is always with our children

I don't cope, I suffer debilitating anxiety. What sort of work will you be doing? Can you pop home at lunch?
Best of luck, I hope it works out for you.

 Don’t get a set lunch break
I eat when I have time and on call at work
I live 45 min from work

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 I think you will struggle at first. I really don't have any advice to help though.
When I went back to work my first was 3 months old but dad was laid off the week after I returned to work so he was able to look after baby. I was still stressing hoping everything was okay at home. I guess that's a motherly thing

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