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Do you wear perfume?


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Every day, regardless of where I am going. Coffee, Matching underwear, sunscreen and my Chanel perfume & I feel Ready for the world

No. It makes me sneeze.

 You need a different one perhaps
Bit hard to try them though you would sneeze all over the make up counter

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Home, never. Work, sometimes (outdoor worker, no point most of the time.). Shopping, yes.

Yes. I love a little spritz before I leave the house. I hate it when people bathe in it though

I usually use it before leaving the house but not since covid has been a problem. I'm paranoid about making myself, my husband or kids sneeze when we're out. We live in nsw, you don't want to sneeze or cough in public right now! 😆

Rarely. I didn’t even wear it on my wedding day because I forgot to put it on 🤣