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Over kids always wanting my food.

Weather it be my drink or whatever I am eating they could have the same thing and mine is more appealing apparently. Doesn't matter what I say it doesn't stop them how to deal with it?


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I tell the kids off for this and make them sit out if they don't listen.
It is extremely rude. You are supposed to teach your children manners.
Do you allow them to do this to each other? How about other people? your not being unreasonable expecting them to not do it to you.
What if your food is hot or spicy hot or chopped up age appropriately?
Hot cups of tea or coffee can cause 3rd degree burns.
You should not need to guard your plate like an animal.
I totally get that your cooking plenty and the kids no doubt have the exact same thing on their plate. They just need to learn.

Try having their own special plate i.e. Peppa Pig etc and loading their own plates from serving bowls or create your own baked potaoes / pizza / burgers. It might be one or two meals that you can eat without drama.

Just share with them. They all do it. I do it to mine now they're older and can pay for things themselves.
E.g. I always ask for a sip of their drink at the shops because I'm too stingey to buy my own!!

I don't eat with them. Its Dads problem, now. I hat cold food, so I just heat mine up seperately once the small kids go to bed

Add chilli to yours? They will only do it once.

 Not OP, I tried this once before. The little buggers liked it! Who'd have thought spicy food would be so yummy for kids lol.
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 My miss 5 loves spicey food. Always has.
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 My 2 year old loves hot food
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Wow.. i always make enough for everyone.. keep it on one plate if you must & share..
I share everything with my kids! & they too like to share.. i thought that was normal?!

 The issue isn't that there's not enough for everyone. The issue is that somethings we just don't want to share. I share my bed during the night when they want snuggles. I share my bathroom time when they follow me. I devote every waking moment to them, but this meal on my plate is mine. They have their meal on their plate.
I think your sharing everything is not normal. But it's not wrong either. just different from what we're after.

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 Okay, fair enough.

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 Also what if its tea /coffee etc or spicy food not suitable.
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Try and eat meals with the kids and try and have similar food to them. Save the yummy snacks for when they're in bed lol.
Me and my kids each get a drink bottle at the beginning of the day, if they want a drink from mine I just say no and give them their own drink. Might kick up a stink at the start, but soon they like having their own special drink bottle.

 I generally eat what they eat too. I don't sit in front of them with chocolate and go no eat your apple or anything cruel like that but if it's on my plate it looks and taste better then theirs lol
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 I cut everyone's up on my plate or serve from the dish I plan to eat from in some other way.
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I agree, it's not even about sharing food it's about respecting personal space and a parent's independence. There are times for sharing and there are times for manners.

Every time miss 3 takes a piece of my toast I take one of her's. Every time she takes a sip of my drink I take a bigger one of her's. She gets frustrated "that's mine that's not for you" blah blah and I laugh and say it back. Takes 2 or 3 turns but usually she ends up laughing, calling me silly mum, and calling a truce on the seagull swoops which lasts for a day or two and then we start again...

Also she loves sauce so I never use it on my hot food, I cut my sandwiches in rectangles but she'll only eat triangles, and her glass always has a pink straw whereas I often drink from the plastic 'baby' cups. These tricks normally help my cause.

It's normal for kids to do that and they do grow out of it.

I don't eat things in front of them like an ice cream or chocolate, until they're in bed. If they ask to have something of mine, I just say no, this is my meal / snack. I tell them if I want to share my food, I will offer it. Lately my lot will just copy each other. One will say, as an example, can I please have a yogurt and some fruit and the next two seconds the other two will be asking can I have some too? I've often questioned them and said, do you actually want that? Or are you just copying them? Or at night one will come out and say I'm just grabbing a glass of water, next thing the other two are up asking can I get a drink too? Ugh it's so annoying!

My kids pull this crap too. I've started getting them to sit on the floor in front of some amazing cartoon or movie while they eat the hot meal and I stand at the bench eating or wait until they're engrossed and discreetly sit at the table. This only works for a hot meal though. So at breakfast time I use the old "No! If you can't leave me alone while I eat my breakfast, you can go for a time out". Good luck!

Omg that annoys me too! I always eat the exact same thing. No advice just sympathy

My kids went through this phase. They eventually lost interest. It is annoying though so I get your frustration. And no didn't always seem to work for my kids, they just pretended not to hear and grabbed it anyway. It's very hard to eat and guard your food from being snatched by a toddler.

 Hopefully the phase will pass in my house too. We always sit at the table and they just carry on so much. This morning I pushed it away and was like for god sake just have it.
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Perhaps you could say no. Or drink theirs and when they arc up say 'see how annoying that is.' Or, you could enjoy all of your food and beverages in the privacy and darkness of your nearest full height closet. But you know, 'no' seems to generally work.

 No doesn't work lol
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