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What’s the best way to declutter?

So I’m not talking about serious hoarding, I’m talking about letting go of stuff to minimise as I don’t have much storage... any tips tricks or ideas appreciated !


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I just did this. I thought in terms of when I first moved out - I had hardly anything, the very bare minimum, and I got by just fine. Anything that I don't use regularly and wasn't essential I got rid of. I was absolutely ruthless. It was unbelievably refreshing and like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I know what they mean now when they say clear home, clear mind.

My tips:
- Do one room at a time
- Do one cupboard/drawer at a time
- Walk in to each room at the beginning and think about how you could use this space/make it function better (I moved everyones linen into their wardrobes as another lady on here does for easy access so I can change bedding when cleaning that room - I change the bedding twice as often now)
- Be ruthless. Think about if you were moving out into your first home, would you have needed this item? Have you used in the last 6/12 months? How long have you been holding on to it to use 'one day'? If there's something you've been holding onto that handy/you might need one day, is it more worthwhile to give yourself more space, and buy a new one if the time ever did arise that you may need it?
- Everything you put back must have a place

Tackle one room at a time. If you haven’t used or worn it in more than a year sell it, donate it, or chuck it.

We also have little storage as we live in a small house so I need to keep on top of it and declutter often. Everything has its spot. Because a small house can quickly look messy.

Room by room. If it hasn't been touched in the last 6 months (exceptions of winter stuff ec that get stored) let it go. Clothes not worn within the last 3 months get thrown unless important for whatever reason. Kitchen crap and random cupboards full of one at a time and the it all out at once and only put back what is necessary

I've heard that if it doesn't bring you joy, let it go. Don't be concerned/feel guilty if it was a gift- once it has been given it is up to you to do as you wish with it. As someone else said, make sure everything has a place- so much easier to tidy up quickly when you know exactly where it has to go.

My house was close to exploding with junk. I just went through everything and got rid of lots, everything had to have a home or we couldn't keep it.