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Kids relationship drama.

My daughter was going out with a good friends son, (16 year Olds) it's been on and off but off for a while and I have been encouraging her to stay away from him as he keeps ending it and keeping in contact so she is there when he changes his mind. I love my friend but her son is a jerk. We have an annual long weekend away in my grandparents weekender with a group of friends and their families and I'm not sure how to broach the topic of the kids. I don't want to upset her but her son can't come. I was thinking of cancelling it this year, or do I just say she can't bring her son? She isn't likely to get upset, but will probably bring him anyway so I don't know what to do.


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Just cancel the trip this year until the kids work themselves out. I would only do things with her and not the kids until they are well and truly over it

 Great response.
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instead of blaming the boy you could work on your daughter's self esteem issues so she doesn't end up being some man's dirty doormat.

 We have been working on this, and last time he started texting my daughter blocked him so hopefully it's under control. But I don't want her to have four days of him either trying it on or making a show of texting other girls.
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She’s immature and so is he
DOnt be surprised if she’s pregnant by oct 2019

 Calm down! they are 16 year old children! You can't expect 16 year olds to have adult relationships, of course they're immature! Doesn't mean anyone will end up pregnant though, and pregnant isnt as bad as dead, anyway!
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 They have been fu****g since day one
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 They are only 16. I hope she doesn't end up pregnant to him, I think she realises he isn't worth the bother now. She blocked him on her phone, and I told him to go away when he turned up here, so hopefully he buggers off.
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Broach ? Approach
Ask Santa for a dictionary

 Broach - raise a difficult topic of discussion. Would you like to borrow my dictionary?
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 Broach - raise a difficult subject for discussion
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As verbs the difference between approach and broach is that approach is to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer while broach is to make a hole in, especially a cask of liquor, and put in a tap in order to draw the liquid or broach can be to be turned sideways to oncoming waves, especially large or breaking waves.
As nouns the difference between approach and broach is that approach is the act of drawing near; a coming or advancing near while broach is a series of chisel points mounted on one piece of steel.

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 Yes because this is the point of the whole post 🤨
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 Bhaha, if you are going to comment, ask Santa to help you get your facts right!
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Thanks all I have cancelled it this year, and asked a different group of friends instead. Next year none of the kids will be allowed to come so that solves the problem.

On and off sounds like one of them needs to say it’s over and move on
It’s not a stable relationship and tell her it’s a family event