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Do you hide your purse at home ?

I do


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I hide mine so well even I can’t find it.

 Ha! Me! Every damn day!
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I leave mine in the car always
Car is locked up in garage

 You think thieves don’t know how to open a roller door ?
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 But im not hiding it..
im being lazy and leaving it my car
Have done this for over 5 years

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 Ta for telling us
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Yes. Only because it’s Louis Vuitton and I’m not having grubby little hands all over it 🤣

 Agreed. I don't understand people who blow heaps of money on brand name things. They're trying to buy admiration. Sorry doesn't work with me. It just makes me more aware of the kind of person you are.
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 This is my comment and wow that blew up quickly 😆 I have designer bags because I want them. One life, and all. I also help those in need probably more than the average person. Nothing to see or analyse here.
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I leave my bag in the living area, although not in easy view. It's been this way since a relative discovered thieves had come in & taken her purse, keys etc. from her bedside drawers while she slept because they couldn't find them by ransacking the apartment.
Most thieves are psychotic on ICE, with no self control or thought for consequences. So take the damn keys & leave. They're not worth the risk psychos searching my kids rooms. My phone is always with me though.

 Likely that person high on ice won’t stop once they find your purse. They will go searching for other things that might be of value to them too. Probably won’t stop until they have ransacked every room,
Even if your purse is the first thing they find.

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Nope. On the shoebox inside the door so if someone comes in everything's there no need to harm us just take it and go

 ^Best answer yet
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 Cars are insured and cards can be cancelled so good luck to them.
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 Same here, put mine on the entry table above our shoe rack.
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 Agree with this. Our house you walk straight in to the lounge room and first thing you see is an arm chair, a side table and a lounge against the opposite wall. I keep my wallet on the side table and we have a stand next to the door that has bowl on top of it and all the keys go in the bowl
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im so shocked by these answers! Its never even occured to me to do this.

 Me too!! I never hide anything!

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I do it cause I don’t trust some family members and my kids friends

 Really like whi?
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 My uncle who is on the dole
My kids friends

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Yes. And car keys. Don’t keep them in an obvious spot in case of break in

Not really, I never carry much cash If any in it anyway

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