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Self care at home

Hi everyone., after looking at myself and knowing I’m so overwhelmed and putting myself last, I’m trying to think of conscious self care ideas in the home? I waxed my legs the other day and It got me thinking that self care are just little things like that sometimes. I’m really in need of ideas, and would appreciate wheat some of you clever mums do


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Sooooo many things you can do at home. Waxing legs is a good start!
-facial cleanser and moisturise in the evening
-painting fingernails & toe nails - or mani / pedi if you want to go beyond painting.
- a long soak in the tub with some nice bath bombs etc
- giving yourself time to watch a movie/Netflix (with choc or wine) whatever is your thing
-straightening / curling hair
- reading a book (30 mins in the evening)
-your own time to craft
-coffee & newspaper

Just some ideas to take time for yourself. (I’m not sure if you meant self care like improving your own body or just some me time) these are clearly ‘me time’ suggestions :)

 Thank you, see I wouldn’t have even thought reading a book is self care but obviously it is, is I’m conscious about it. Thank you for the suggestions, clearly I’ve got a lot to learn at this point!
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 Love all these suggestions and want to add mindful colouring. I love colouring in with my kids and now you can get grown up colourings which I find really calming. I can spend an hour just colouring and not even realise! Feels great, especially if you have a cuppa and a couple of bikkies too :P
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 Can you still get the mindful colouring from Kmart? I haven’t seen them in a while but would like to give it a try
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 I'm sure you could print some free ones off online :)
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Self care = laugh at your own jokes even if others don't, drop the occasional and inappropriate C -bomb so you can relish the glory of shocked faces and most importantly - learn to sneak out those sneaky little fucker farts- those rotten warm onesthat make you question your gut health. F**k yeah!! That's self care!! Go get it girl, the simplest are the most beautiful 💩💨

For me self care is going to the gym early in the morning while my kids and husband are still asleep. This is my time and makes me feel I can tackle the rest of the day. I also eat healthy.

 Have you always been an early riser? I ask this, as I too want to start waking early to get to the gym before the family rise.... but I’ve always needed a lot of sleep and have kids that sleep badly so I’m always putting it off.
Did you start getting up at 5am when you’d been. 7.30am riser for example? Or did you just get up an hour earlier?

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Don't worry beautiful mumma so many of us lose sight of ourselves. For me it's making better choices of eating, giving myself enough time to study, I bought a hairdryer to blowdry my hair, putting on some make up as well.