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Celiac disease.

I’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease. Can anyone suggest cakes recipes or point me to a good website for recipes. I tried just switching flour but it fails each time. Thanks.


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buy a Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Bread maker, they are about $100, it is endorsed by coeliac australia and has gluten free bread and dough recipes included, including a gluten free bannana bread and a gluten free fruit loaf. All are really good.

Bad typing sorry, hope i helped.

Gluten free on a shoestring is a great place for recipes. Also check out Helen Tzouganatos. She has a website, cookbook (Hungry and Fussy) and a show on SBS.

Just swapping gluten free flour doesn’t always work. You have to experiment a lot to get it right. The best ones in my opinion are a White Wings gluten free and Bob’s Red Mill One to One flour. Do not use the Woolies brand to bake with, it is gritty and does not do well.

I highly recommend joint the Coeliac Society of Australia, even if only for the first year. It is worth the money. They have great tips, especially when it comes to shopping. Their app is great too, helps you with ingredients you might not be familiar with. It is much better than the food switch app, that is highly unreliable.

If you shop online with woolies or Coles, type in gluten free for each store and you'll find quite a few products. Aldi also have their own gluten free products

I have heaps of recipes but it won’t let me post the links will type out for you tomorrow as I also have celiac :)

Why not Just make flourless cakes. Usually involves almond meal instead of flour. Try Bec Judd’s one. Just make sure the drinking chocolate is gluten free.