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What did you do with your wedding dress?


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Hanging in my closet. No way would I sell mine. So special to me.

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Still have it. Dry cleaned and in its box. Still in love with it even though I know it won’t get worn again

Dry cleaned and packed into a box in the top of my cupboard.

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I hired mine. Couldn’t justify spending shitloads of money on a dress I’d only wear once.

 Wish I did that.
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Mine is still in the drycleaning box - that was 20 years ago!

Had it turned into a Baptism dress for my little girl.

 Me too -
i've kept the leftover scraps and am hoping to use them in a patchwork quilt.

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Put it back on the hanger and in the bag to be stored for my daughters to have when they get married. I don't expect them to wear it, but if they decide to cut it up and use it in their wedding (make a garter or have part of it attached to their gown) that's cool. Or if I can get my shit together and learn how to sew I'd love to make either a christening or a holy communion gown out of it. There's a charity (Angel Gowns) that will use your old wedding gowns to make clothing for stillborn babies, if you're looking at alternatives to keeping it.