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Waiting for job interview outcome?

Hi everyone, I had a job interview for a casual teaching role two weeks ago from Monday... without hearing anything. I think I generally find out in one week, is this normal for others? What’s the longest you’ve waited or do you generally email them,...saying what? Thanks!


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I think it would be fair to send them an email thanking them for the interview and enquiring when they expect to be able to make a decision.
Best of luck!

 Op here, thanks everyone! I’ve just emailed them as your suggestion which was a really helpful- I never know how to broach such things but this suggestion was perfect.
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I'm in the same boat I had an interview week 1 of school holidays and rang yesterday to hear they haven't made up their minds yet

 Thanks you for letting me know I’m not alone! Goodluck and let us know how yiu go!
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Give them a ring and see? I have found public sector excellent at communication with job applications at every stage, private sector not so much, lucky to get an email! If it is with a school could also be a delay because of holidays. Good luck!

 Thanks a lot! I’ve found this too but this is a private school and the other private schools are usually pretty quick this one seems a bit different, likely holidays as you say
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Oh good luck!

 Thank you! Fingers crossed!
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There is usually a cutoff date for applications. As long as that date is passed, I think it would be fine to call and confirm they had your application and ask when interviews may be happening. That makes it seem as though you are not desperate but just confirming and organising your time. Good luck 🍀

 Sorry I didn’t clarify clearly enough, so I had the interview already. I’m just waiting for an outcome if that
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