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How many children do you have? πŸ’œ


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2 pigeon pair

 Same. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
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2 boys

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 Same here too.
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2 biological & 3 step. We're one big happy family πŸ˜„

3 angel
5 living

 I'm so sorry for your losses hun xxx
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0 ttc our first doing ivf

 Yes I am very much prepared for no baby!
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 Wishing you all the best with your journey xx
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4 , pregnant with our last.

 4 including pregnancy ?
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 No it will be 5 in August :)
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 I actually want more lol. But I just don’t think my body can do more, this pregnancy has been really hard.
I get very very sick.
Seems to be sicker with every one.
My husband wanted 9 kids, I think I could have had 7.He’s an orphan from Costa Rica and has no family. He just loves kids and being surrounded by a family.
Plus though he has a good insurance policy iv told him than with his insurance I can handle 5 kids but if god forbid the worst happens to him the kids and I will struggle if we add more kids. With 5 we will be ok. More than that, I can’t afford on my own. So we’ve taken those two things into consideration and decided we can’t have more

Well I decided he still thinks he wants 9 lol

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