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How hard is it for my childless sister to understand I have a life and busy life cause I have kids ?

All I asked her was to drive 35 min to my house 3 times over one week to water plants check on the animals collect mail while hubby and I and the kids were away on our $6k holiday in Perth


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I have a friend who recently went on a 20k holiday for 6 weeks but 'couldn't afford' to pay someone to look after their pets. Just as they get back another has done the same & expects us to go to their house daily & water their plants & sort their mail.

They both live 5 min away from us but we resent the hell out of it because after working all day it's another 30 minutes later home.

35 min each way plus the time it takes at the house is about 1 1/2 hours. Do you not think that's a bit much to ask?

I think you should find a local service or neighbour & pay them.

 Why dont you just say you can't do it?
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 I did for the first friend - before they even asked (I knew it would happen). Repeatedly I told them we couldn't do it this time & even suggested options. Two days out from leaving they asked anyway & we had no solid excuse & there wasn't time for them to find another option. We didn't have much choice.

Second one I didn't know hubby had been asked until they'd left & he's too nice to say no.

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