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Is your partner romantic?

Do they do things that still make your heart skip a beat totally out of the blue or are you just stuck in a routine


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I guess everyone has a different interpretation of romance. Mine does the washing up, picks up washing off the line, helps with the kids, looks after me when I’m sick ill take that over flowers anyday. With social media everything is so overrated and just for show. If he respects you and cares for you that’s all the romance you need imo

 That's my idea of romance too
hubby watching the kids so you can take a long bubble bath beats flowers and candlelight hands down anyday

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A few years ago my husband bought me a huge bouquet of red roses. Fake ones. Every birthday, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas he presents them to me.

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 Sounds like he likes saving money and the flowers will last forever just like his love maybe he just hasn't described it that way
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 I always have a laugh when he brings them out. I love him.
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People show love in different ways. Five love languages and all that. My husband isn't romantic in the way most people think of the word, e.g. he doesn't really get the point of gifts & doesn't like to give or receive them, and is not big on verbal declarations, especially public ones. But he shows love by doing nice/useful things for me, like bringing me a cup of tea when I'm working or noticing that I forgot to pack a lunch & packing one for me. And he always makes an effort to find time for us to do stuff together or just chat, ask my opinion, listen to my problems etc. To me that's romantic!

No, he is not a traditional romantic person. He doesn’t take me on dates often, has never given me flowers or anything like that. He shows his love in other ways. He will get up early and make me a coffee, he will make me breakfast on his days off, he will be in the shops and will buy me a dress or something like that if I he thinks I’d like it. He shows his love through simple gestures.

He used to be but now he doesn’t really try.

 Same 😔
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Not even a little bit. But that’s ok, he makes up for it in other ways.

Not in a tradition “romance” sort of way, like I can count my presents on one hand after 15 years. Same goes for compliments. Maybe less you look beautiful lol. Same too for the amount of dates he’s taken me on. He barely acknowledges my birthday valentines or mother’s day.

But he makes me tea every morning.
I ask him to rub tiger balm on my shoulders and it’s always at least half hour massage, sometimes more than an hour (and it never leads to sex) this happens 3-5 times a week.
He always comes out to help get kids in the car.
The other day I broke a fin on my surf board , he changed the fins over before my next surf.
He carries all the boards and usually a child up the beach... no easy feat.
He gets mad at me when I don’t put on my seatbelt. And gets even madder when I don’t change my tires when they are losing grip.
He checks my oil for me - even though I know how.
He never walks through a door before me.

There’s a lot he does that’s my kinda romance but “traditional” romance is virtually non existant.
Which suits me perfectly, sometimes a really nice letter would be lovely though- I stopped asking after 8 years, I remember the first car (I begged him to just write a nice car saying what he loves about me, he found a card with a poem and said to:*****
Lucky this card said it all.

Yes he didn’t even right “ love from “ or love: ***

Romantic guestures are overrated. We get told what is romantic and the poor boys are supposed to keep up. Would you rather have a bunch of flowers, or a man who helps raise the kids? Would you rather have a diamond necklace or a faithful partner? all the advertising (especially around Valentine’s Day) always makes me sooky and feel like I’m missing out. That’s not his fault. I have to remind myself what a gem I have in him and not measure my relationship on the sales pitches around.

 Why do I have to choose one or the other? Can’t I have both? 😂😂😂. You can’t guarantee that a man who doesn’t buy flowers will help raise kids or that someone who buys diamond necklaces is unfaithful 😂😂😂
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 If course it’s possible to have both. Men don’t come with guaratees (duh!)
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Not at all, but he never was romantic. It used to upset me when I saw other couples but it doesn’t bother me anymore. If I ask him for something he will give it to me, but it’s not in his makeup to think of it himself. He has too many other qualities to get upset about missing out on a romantic surprise or a bunch of flowers.

No. And it causes arguments all the time. He is a self absorbed jerk in that respect and i really hate it

 And you had kids with him because
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My hubby thinks he's being romantic by grabbing my arse in public. Hmmmm I think not

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Mine is thoughtful I'm not sure if I'd say romantic but will bring flowers, presents or if he sees a nice rock (I like rocks) he'll go through phases. But then again Im not overly romantic I try to do nice things but I'm so awkward I usually stuff it up I even get shy trying to initiate sex. But he is very sweet most of the time I know he'd do anything for me but I don't abuse that.

Used to be but not anymore and I always see others showing affection to eachother and wish mine would to