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Does anyone have experience with anxiety medication?

I think my husband suffers from anxiety. He has never had a 'panic attack' but often finds it hard to concentrate at work, frequently has trouble sleeping, has intrusive negative self talk or obsessive worry thoughts, and always has tight muscles that cause him back and neck pain. I don't think that is normal! He thinks "everyone worries" and "most people get stressed" but I have finally convinced him it might be worth seeing someone about it. His concern is that they will just put him on medication that will "turn him into a zombie".
Will an ordinary gp be able to help or should he try a counsellor or therapist first? Any experiences with anxiety medication?


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Hopefully the GP will assess whether there are any medical causes contributing to the problem. Ideally referral to a Psychologist will be an outcome. Given the symptoms, it will be useful for her husband to learn some new skills and strategies, ie: a technique to clear the mind and relax the body. mindfulness techniques etc...medication should be a last resort....people can always say no to medication if it does not help!

It will not turn him into a zombie. The Gp will more than likely recommend a therapist as well. Where is his quality of life?? Tell him to man up and go and talk to his Gp asap

There's a good chance he will be out on diazapam, it'll be initIally 2mg and that's the harshest they'd give him to start with. It's well worth the visit and discussing this with his dr as if he doesn't want to feel that way there are plenty of options on what to take.

These types of medications are pretty individual. Its worth a shot if hes keen but make sure supervised well by a doctor.

I get a lot of anxiety like your DH and I find exercising helps me the most. Its hard to do though because of other health issues.

I had terrible anxiety as a teenager, my stomach used to cramp with it and I would be doubled over for short periods of time, and the other symptoms your husband has. My mother had a great remedy, tasted utterly revolting, but one teaspoonful and I would calm right down. I could just feel it flow through me. She could not remember what it was, but the closest I have found is Bach Rescue Remedy, which you can get from Health Food Shops. It is a small bottle and you place a few drops under your tongue.
I have found it effective, but I dont get anxiety as bad as I used to. Might be worth a try though.
If he has got a mild depression as well, he would need medication. There is such a wide variety nowadays that under doctors guidance he could try several until he finds the right one for him.