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What do you consider crossing the line?

Are flirty texts between willing coworkers wrong when one is married?

Or do you consider words just words?


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They're absolutely wrong. If you wouldn't willingly do something in front of your spouse you shouldn't be doing it.

 Perfect answer. If you’re fine with it all being public knowledge (partner, work colleagues etc) then it is probably harmless. If it is to be kept secret, then there is a line that has been crossed.
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 OP, it’s pretty public. This make is flirty with everyone.
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I think it’s wrong. I text my male colleagues about work, that’s it, because texting is like talking. If it went anywhere else I would be shocked and tell them it’s not on.

OP, the line has turned into an etch a sketch, I wanna f**k him 🤦🏻‍♀️

Wrong. Husband sent messages to workmate. I will never trust him again or love him the same as before.

It really depends. Some people are naturally flirty and it has no meaning. But if the flirting is a preclude to something most and the married person has intent to take it further then of course it’s crossing a line.