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Ever had sex like in FiftyShades of Grey???

I love the books & movies! Oh the sex!


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I prefer men without serious controlissues

 I love being dominated in the bedroom
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I've only seen the first movie and thought it was pretty tame. Disappointed after all the hype, I'm guessing the hype was from a lot of ladies who don't get adventurous in the bedroom? We have a permanent loop bolt in the roof of our bedroom that my husband uses to chain me up. I am his dirty, little slave girl and his so he can then do whatever he pleases with me. We also have vanilla sex. It's all about variety and going with our moods and wants and needs. With 3 kids time also comes into it lol

 I'll summarise the other movies/books for you.
Moan moan moan, she giggled, moan moan, Christian, oh Anna, moan moan moan, sigh, oh my, moan, tiddies.

Would rate the whole franchise 2/5 stars. Negatively, for a complete lack of dick shots in the movies, and the muppet they cast as Christian is just... not hot enough to convince me to get whipped. On the plus side, Dakota Johnson used this as a stepping stone to better things. And also, it did bring more acceptance to the BDSM lifestyle.

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 Lol thanks for the summary. It sounds as good as I thought haha
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 You forgot "his words were my undoing"

If only cumming was as easy as being told to

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 ^I was trying to summarise it with the moans 😂 but yeah, how good would it be to just orgasm so easily and every time 😂😂
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 If you want a better 😉read than Fifty Shades check out the Crossfire series(5 or 6 books). OMG. Sooo much better. Sooooo much hotter. And better written. Sylvia Day. Definitely need a cold shower 🚿 after that.
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 Agree.. Read crossfire. Way way better. Not that it would take much to be better haha
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No, my husband is very vanilla. Took lots of coaching over few months to even get him to twist my nipples and pull on them haha.

In saying that i havent read the books or seen the movies have only heard about it.

I wish my hubby would watch it as he likes adventurous sex but if I pulled out ties and whips I’d freak out and he would too.. but he thinks it’s a ‘dumb’ movie so won’t watch it 😞

I do often. It’s way better in winter (because I bruise easily 😍)