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Is this normal?

I am about 10 weeks pregnant and am having some pain in my lower abdomen. It’s sharp and an ache at the same time. Not to one side. No bleeding. Do not need to go to the toilet. not sure if I should be worried or get medical intervention.


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If you are ever worried, you should seek medical attention. They won't mind if it turns out to be nothing, as that's the best outcome.

I had these pains some years ago and I found out then that I was pregnant. Probably ok but you really should check with yourdoctor. BTW congratulations ❤️

It doesn’t hurt to check in with your doctor, better to be on the safe side. Good luck x

If you worried see DR, but cramping and pain is usually everything beginning to expand and change

It’s called round ligament pain, and it’s normal.

See your GP. Some gp clinics will often try to squeeze you in if your pregnant.

Could just be your ligaments and muscles stretching, but definitely worth getting checked out

Yu should seek medical attention. I had similar though, although it could be completely different. My Dr said it was because I had really strong stomach muscles and the pain was from them being pushed apart. It is best to just get piece of mind.