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Do you hate where you live?


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No, we live on acres about 15 minutes from the beach on the Gold Coast.
I’m literally living my childhood dream. All my life I wanted to live on the beach, from 21 to 33 we lived in beachside unit with a full view, when we had kids I wanted them to have acres like I grew up on.

We have a creek running in our back yard that’s got a little swimming hole in it.

I pinch myself every day.

 Can I come live with you?
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Live in strata complex of 14 units and some of the oldies shouldn’t be driving

On a 100 acres

 Does winnie the pooh live with you?
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 Oops 10,000 acres
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Yes we have some awful people that live nearby and it doesn’t feel like a safe place to bring kids up

Sometimes. But I think it's more people in the town then the town itself. The place itself is beautiful