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What odd things is your body doing as you get older?

After sharing our story on Titty Whiskers, Beards and Grey Pubes, we want to know what odd things are happening to you!

by SAHM Staff Report

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Farts just jump out unexpectedly. I can't count the number of times I've had to fake something wrong with my shoe...

 Haha this is me since having my second bub. They just slip out now, I used to have so much control!
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 These days I have very noisy shoes too!
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I get some darker hairs around my nipples, plus some dark spiky chin hairs. I don't call these things 'odd' though, they are just part of life 🤷‍♀️

 Check your hormone levels with your GP.
It happened to me all of suddenly at 27 turned out I am having PCOS. When my hormone level is really bad, it speed up the growth..

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 Thanks, but I'm not worried. During pregnancy I've had ultrasounds on my ovaries with nothing out of the ordinary, and no other symptoms.
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Sometimes when I stand up all my joints crack

 YES!!!! All the time.... never happened before my girls 😳😁
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Not sure if this is to do with getting older or having kids. But I'm much less in control of my emotions. Used to have a heart of stone and be able to keep it together without effort. Now I well up with tears when hearing anything even slightly sad, can't watch a video of a brave 1-legged puppy without weeping, etc.

Not being able to recover from a hangover in a day. These days I just avoid alcohol instead of the dreaded waking up seedy for a week.

 Same here, it would take me a whole week to get over
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Biggest thing for me was a change in taste buds. Since I turned 30 I enjoy different things now that I previously hated.

I fart all the time. I'm not even kidding. They're just little pop off's. Sometimes when I'm walking and it's just pop pop pop pop. 😱

Farting...I fart way more, cracked heels, facial and chest hair!

 Cracked heals! I am with you there, I have those deep cuts that just won't ever go away, no matter how much cream I use. Not diabetic either so it has to be an age thing
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 Put Vick’s and a pair of socks on your feet
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 Get milky feet from chemist, it will change your life! You wont even believe it! Lol
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 Milky Feet is amazing! I was skeptical at first but holy cow, my feet came out a smooth as a baby’s.
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Lack of libido, dry vagina. Sun spots on face, even though I have always looked after my skin. Hairy moles, hairs on my chin. Just a disgrace really, who would even want me? Menopause over, aged 51, cry all the time, depressed, just to name a few.

 Seek help
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 Agree. You should see a gp or someone xx You're probably very desirable however how you are feeling is not good and could be signs of depression, rather than just hormones and ageing ♥
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I have had hair on my chin and nipples since puberty. It's fu****g horrible but I do a combination of shave it and zap it with my ipl machine. I have grey pubes now too, and eyebrow hairs I'm not even 40. Had greys in my hair since I was in my 20's.