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Did you ever just know it was twins?

Just under two months pregnant and i cannot shake the feeling of twins. My 4 yr old keeps saying a boy and girl when i ask what sex he thinks the baby will be. I think i am big for my 7 weeks and have first scan next week. Today i got a twin spinach leaf... stupid i know but i just have a feeling... did anyone else feel like this ever?


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Before I knew I was having twins, there were so many signs. My mum said 'funny if it was twins' my neighbour shouted out to me as I was leaving for my first scan 'hope it's twins! Haha' and as I was driving there my husband called and joked saying 'if it's twins, don't tell me!' It was weird. I left that day knowing they would say it was twins. That didn't make it any less shocking when the ultrasound said 'TWINS!!!'

I knew a lady that knew it was twins. She was shown one on the ultrasound and asked to see the other. She got a strange look from the person and a minute later they said yes there is the other.

For me it was the fact that I had morning,noon and night sickness. And from my dates when I did the urine test the result was quite strong. Mind you it was my first pregnancy, and we had twins on both sides of the family.

 Ohhh wow! That had to suck! I work full time i couldnt imagine being sick all day everyday! You obviously made it through okay though. I have a sick feeling constantly but havnt actually been sick yet, being close though lol! Im constantly so tired i could die for a week and wouldnt wake up refreshed, my appitite is huge!!!! And my boobs are very sore and often feel like 'milk' is coming in (although too soon i know) all sides of my family have twins too with the last set being my faternal cousins... i guess time will tell... really would just like a boy :) congrats on yourmiracle babies
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I have 2 sets and the second time, I just knew

 Really two sets!!! Woooah thats just crazy! Are they identicals or faternals? Must be hard work, least they always have a play mate :)
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 Both identicals. It's hard work as they are only 11 mos apart (set 2 was a big surprise and showed up early). It's one vs 4 at the moment, so scary stuff.
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 It's crazy being the only mom with 4 in one grade. Makes homework time a breeze. They all work together.
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 You two are super mums! =)
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 Thank you! Xx
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I knew it was twins! I kept telling my husband that I just knew and he didn't believe me. Today we found out I was right! I didn't have any signs other than a positive pregnancy test a bit on the early side (indicating high hormone levels). No sore breasts, not much morning sickness.

My daughter was 2 and on the day of our first ultrasound at 3 months I asked her what did she think mummy was having a boy or girl and she said no mummy 2. I said no not two boy or girl and said there was 2. She was right and now my twin boys are 2 years old.

Congratulations! Although 2 are a lot of work, it is also twice as nice. I had a feeling I was having twins early into my second pregnancy but didn't tell anyone till after the scan. No history of twins on either side of family so everyone was shocked. The lady doing my scan asked if I was on fertility treatments 'because there are more than 1 in there'. When she said "there are 2" my only question was "are they joined or separated?" That was my only concern! I was 42 when they were born & 40 when I had my daughter. My twin fraternal boys are best mates 90% of the time & enjoy similar things & each others company. Don't be afraid to ask for help & get your partner involved as much as possible. Your 4 year old can be helpful as well! My daughter helped me when the boys were little by fetching their dummies etc & passing things to me at feed times, bouncing them in their rockers etc. (she was 2 at that time!) Share the jobs around! You will survive. Enjoy your family!
Best wished to you all, Karen.

Yep. Always knew I'd have twins. Funny thing is when I fell pregnant it didn't occur to me that it was twins but everyone made jokes about it being twins because I'd been saying it for years.

I knew, dreamt girl boy twins way before i got pregnant. When i did get pregnant i knew it was twins and yes the scan showed twins. They are nearly 4 now and they are a joy. Its hard work though to get to 4 but we made it and even decided to have another one and this time there was one.

I had no idea I was having twins - it was my fourth pregnancy and wasn't planned, so twins was a really huge surprise! One baby at a time is far more civilised - when they were little it was a bit crazy busy. And it's a different experience to just having one - I always felt like they didn't need me as much because they had each other, with my others I had a very strong mummy-baby bond. With twins I didn't get that one to one time with them. They are 13 now, great kids, love them to bits.

My best friend found out two days ago that she is expecting twins. In the few days leading up to her ultrasound she kept dreaming she was having twins but thought it was ridiculous to take any notice of it. Needless to say we are both extremely weirded out by it lol

What about premonitions....we are trying now and I have constant dreams about twins! On the way to fertility clinic I saw two of everything- rabbits, birds, human twins. Very repetitive theme....

 Yesss! I sort of have this too i have been dreaming of two pink blankets (which is weird because we tried for a boy using internet tricks haha! I would love twins but also think carrying just one bub would be safer and easier. Goodluck though :)
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 What tricks did you use?
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