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Answer an argument for me please

Do you wash your bra everytime you wear it?


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Nope not unless I've exercised or it's been a really hot day. Maybe every 3 or 4 times i wear them

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 Me too
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Every second wear unless exercise or hot.
Yes it is underwear but think about where a bra is worn compared to knickers?? Hardly on the same level hygeine wise

When the day has been hot, yes. Otherwise it’s every second day.

Man I can go a week or 2 before I wash mine in the cooler months. Summer is more regular and after anything where I'm stinky sweaty :P

Ok now I’m curious... the majority of commenters agree with your sister. Did you tell her the results so you could settle the argument?

 I wouldn’t 😂😂😂
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Absolutely not, maybe every 4 wears

 I read that as years! Haha I was thinking wow that is a long time
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Nope I don't wash mine for weeks at a time, especially in winter. But even in summer I'm not a sweaty person & they never smell.

 You are lucky
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I must be the only one that washes my bras every time I wear them haha.

OP Lol no, i do too, this was the argument i was having with my sister. She doesn't wash her bras after each use. I just feel its like undies, you only wear them once then wash lol
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 You need a life
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 I need a life? Because I like clean underwear? Hahahahaha OK.
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Nope, maybe every 3-4 wears unless it’s smelly or been really hot/sweaty

Haha no, bit slack and probably 3 days at most. Sooner if it smells of course, but if I can get another day that's a win

Yes, everytime. I have larger breasts and they sweat so they get washed after every use.

 Sorry, my bras get washed after every use haha. Probably could have worded that better
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 Haha i hope you wash your boobs after every use 😆
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 Oh yes I was my boobs after every use too lol. I was very tired when I responded to this haha
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 Lol love it
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No, every 4 or 5 days. And I don't hand wash. In the machine they go

I wash after every use. I wouldn't dream of wearing my knickers more than once so i wouldn't wear my bra more than once.

Nope. I wear it a couple of times - unless ive been all hot and sweaty in it